HKS HIPERMAX GT 20SPEC DB82 FULL KIT for Toyota GR Supra [A90] 80230-AT023A


Part Number: HKSHIPERMAXGT20SPECDB82FULLKIT Vehicles: , , , , Brand:

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• With the latest setting technology, the ability to be able to drive comfortably and with stability, while still not losing any of the performance on rough street roads is capable.
• Adopting the conventional shock absorbers makes the car easier to read and allows the driver to have better control.
• On the Fronts, the traditional inverted HIPERMAX design has been adopted. When the vehicle is lowered the cylinder stroke can still be accounted for.
• A straight wound spring type has been adopted for both the front and the rear; Spring rates are easily changeable




• Various tests were conducted for various users. The test was conducted on a vehicle with a boosted-up engine and 19-inch-high grip radials.
• Dampening is easily adjustable by using a dial. Adjusting this will help the vehicle’s handling of acceleration or deceleration. This allows the rear tires to be able to gain more traction


●Adjustment Type Pillow Upper at the Front
The stock front strut cannot adjust the camber angle due to it needs to be inserting the lower strut. To avoid this, using adjustment type pillow upper can make the adjustment about 1 degree from the stock mount position instead. In addition, we used a steel plate to ensure strength.

●Single Tube Inverted Type
Using HKS traditional inverted type at the front. Of course, the strut-type must ensure the high rigidity but the inverted type does not necessarily mean the use of the large main shaft modifications to ensure the rigidity. This allows us to achieve smooth stroking without changing gas pressure. To ensure the stroking amount and height adjustable range, HKS designed a special outer cover.

●Rear upper and dumping adjustment
The rear upper mount used billet aluminum with laser marking and also did weight saving modifications without losing strength. A comfortable ride is provided by using a rubber mount. Placed the adjusting dial at the bottom part of the upper mount. We recommend to jack up the vehicle when adjusting damping force, however on our test vehicle with installed ADVAN Racing GT19 inch wheels we could access adjustment dial through the wheel.