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It has once been said that they only built the second car to race the first car. At the heart of racing and adrenaline-filled dreams are huge horsepower builds. With the ability to leverage our worldwide connections and knowledge base, we can provide the best expertise available to help nourish your hunger for more power!
Power & Performance


Want to turn heads everywhere you go? Are you building a track machine, or just looking to improve the look of your street-driven ride? Whatever you goals, Bulletproof can help you achieve.
  • Custom Body Work and Aero Parts
  • Custom Paint
  • Custom Lighting
  • Decals and Vinyl Wrap Services


The cockpit is where you will be spending the most time enjoying your car, so why not have the best interior you can? We specialize in full custom interior work with the highest quality materials; options include leather, Alcantara (suede), carbon fiber and more! We also work closely with a team of experts to be able to recreate OEM interior pieces in carbon fiber to have the same fit and finish as OEM.
  • Custom Stitch Work
  • Dash Refinishing
  • Steering Wheel Reshaping
  • High Quality Material like Bentley Leather & Alcantara
Track Performance


From safety equipment to suspension tuning, our experience in building and consulting on track-capable vehicles gives us the knowhow on what it takes to mold your car into a circuit or drag strip weapon.


Moving a car from one country to another can be a very time-consuming and stressful process without the right knowledge. With our history of almost 15 years in international shipping, as well as our experience selling complete cars around the world, we can simplify the car importing process for you. Some of our services include:
  • Transportation by Land, Air, or Sea
  • Export/Importation Services
  • Paperwork
  • Insuring the Car


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