HKS Fuel Uprade Kit 650cc for 2000-14 Subaru WRX EJ20/EJ25 [GDB/GRB/GVB] 14007-AF002


2000-14 Subaru WRX w/ EJ20 or EJ25 [GDB, GRB, GVB]

Fuel Uprade Kit 650cc by HKS for the Subaru WRX STI

HKS PN# 14007-AF002

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This fuel upgrade kit is designed and manufactured specifically for the Subaru WRX STI. This product includes 4 top feed, high impedance injectors and fuel pump for 650cc.

Fuel upgrade parts for SUBARU IMPREZA
Large capacity injector and fuel pump set that are required to increase horsepower.

* ECU resetting is required to change injector or fuel pressure.

  • Injector
    (Top feed, high impedance, compatible with short (55mm)type)
    EJ207 GRB (blue)/GDB (pink)
    EJ255 BM,BR (green)/BL, BP (blue)
    EJ257 GRF (blue)
  • Fuel pump
    GRB, GRF, GDB (BM, BR/BL, BP not tested)

■Features (Concept)

  • Enough capacity for a big turbine.
  • With insulators on both ends of injector, no modification is required for installation.
  • Injection direction towards intake valve.
    ⇒ As a result, response of air / fuel ratio will improve because of less volume of fuel for cylinder from surface of port.


○Performance Comparison of injector volume and horsepower

GRB stock 650cc (yellow) 800cc (Purple)
Code # 16611-AA720 14002-AF002 14002-AF001
Injector volume 525cc 650cc 800cc
(Full injection capacity)* 570cc 730cc 850cc
Max. horsepower 350 420 500
Number of injection hole 12 tapered 2 tapered 2 tapered
Turbocharger Stock GT2835 GT3037

* Tested at 300kPa. Since there is injector dead time, values at about 90% are used for the names.

●Fuel pump
  • Compatible with stock pump. It enables large capacity in tank type pump.
  • It works at high fuel pressure to prevent “fuel drop” at increased fuel pressure and high boost level.
  • As it is installed in stock pump case, fuel baffle function of stock system can work.


○Performance comparison of supply capacity and horsepower

GRB stock HKS
Injector volume @300kPa 190L/h 250L/h
@500kPa 125L/h 190L/h
Max. horsepower * 350PS 500PS
Size φ38 L=114

* When calculation fuel pressure is decreased, supply volume will increase and calculated horsepower will be increased.


●Remarks for installation
  • Small modification inside stock pump case is required.
  • Replacement of connectors for wires of pump is required.

If interested, please contact us at Bulletproof Automotive for more information regarding pricing, fitment, shipping costs, as well as installation recommendations.

Part #: 14007-AF002