HKS RB26 2.8L Complete Engine w/ V-CAM for R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R



HKS RB26 2.8L Complete Engine w/ V-CAM for R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R

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HKS RB26 2.8L Complete Engine w/ V-CAM for R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R

“HKS COMPLETE ENGINE : POWERED BY HKS” is manufactured with all technologies gained through Gr. A. Drag race, D1 GP & TSUKUBA Time Attack motorsport racing history of HKS more than 40 years. HKS has been making an effort to build the best racing engine to win various races and improve both engine power and durability Making the best engine requires good engineers and facilities. These engines are manufactured at the same facilities and by the same engineers who worked on racing engines before. In addition, HKS puts all the technologies acquired through past racing experience in these engines. This requires a good understanding of difference between a real racing car and street tuning car.

Experience the true HKS racing technologies with “HKS COMPLETE ENGINE : POWERED BY HKS”

RB28 HIGH RESPONSE ENGINE w/ V-CAM Pro to speed up the boost pressure rise and further improve response.


  • Achieved both lightweight & high rigidity piston, con rod and crankshaft with focus on response.
  • V-CAM is used to supplement torque in the low RPM range for a big turbo.
  • The exhaust cam has 272° duration to ensure more power at the high RPM range.
  • Titanium retainer, strengthened valve spring, high lift camshafts & strengthened stem seals upgraded to sustain high end performance.
  • CNC machined combustion chamber to decrease knocking.
  • High-volume oil pump to ensure lubrication of the engine on a whole range of RPM.
  • Lightweight, specially designed damper absorbs & counteracts the twist of the crankshaft.
  • Specially designed 36-tooth crank angle sensor & cam angle sensor for V-CAM improve signal accuracy in the high RPM range.

Engine Details

Step 2 Camshaft

  • HKS V-CAM STEP Pro IN : 264° / LIFT : 10mm
  • HKS STEP 2 EX : 272° / LIFT : 10mm


Timing Belt : HKS Fine Tune Timing Belt Sport

Spring Retainer : HKS Titanium (weight : 9.2g)

Valve Spring : HKS enhanced product

Stem Seal : HKS enhanced product


  • IN : Stock
  • EX : +1mm Sodium-filled Inconel

Head Modifications

  • Combustion Chamber : CNC machined (with retained squish area)
  • Port : Step removal & polishing
  • Valve Guide : Phosphor copper
  • Cam Clearance : CNC machined
  • Water Jacket : Modification for improved water flow

Head Gasket : HKS Grommet Super Cooling gasket (t=1.2)

Head Bolt : HKS reinforced bolt

Block Details

  • Block deck resurfacing (parallel to the main journal of a crankshaft)
  • Waterhole machining
  • Head bolt hole chamfering to prevent cracks
  • Finishing edge of cylinder
  • Boring : D87

Oil Pump : HKS enhanced product

Piston : HKS Billet Truss Construction

Connecting Rod : HKS Billet H-Beam

Crankshaft : HKS Billet Full Counter

Main & Conrod Bearing : ACL

Covers : Baking Finish

Engine Specifications


  • HKS 2.8L : 87.0mm
  • Stock : 86.0mm


  • HKS 2.8L : 77.7mm
  • Stock : 73.7mm


  • HKS 2.8L : 9000 RPM
  • Stock : 7600 RPM


  • HKS 2.8L : 2771cc
  • Stock : 2568cc


  •  Oil pan is not included.

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