Wild & More Smug Face Front Bumper Kit for 2006-18 Jeep Wrangler [JK] WAJ-020/021


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2006-18 Jeep Wrangler [JK]

* 1 Bumper body is made of FRP, upper cover (top plate) + fog lamp cover + corner pod cover is made of carbon.
* 2 The bumper body, upper cover (top plate) + fog lamp cover + corner pod cover are all made of FRP.
* 3 A genuine fog lamp can be used. * Grill guard, LED light bar, US specification toe hook are sold separately.
* 4 A steel inner frame is attached to the inside of the bumper, and it is possible to retrofit grill guards and lights, and the bumper mounting strength is improved.
* 5 FRP parts are gel-coated and unpainted. Carbon products have a clear gel coat finish that utilizes carbon.

Wild & More PN# WAJ-020/021
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  • With a front end design reminiscent of a bulldog’s muzzle, Wild & More offers the SMUG FACE KIT. Featuring a rugged metal pipe frame and carbon bumper body, this bumper is as strong as it looks while still being lightweight. Backed by FRP, the carbon fiber used on the bumper face panels adds a sporty, high quality look as well as offering the strength & weight reduction of carbon.