Varis Magnum Opus Limited Edition Chopped Carbon Version Full Aero Kit for 2017-19 Lexus LC500 [Z100]


Varis Magnum Opus Limited Edition Chopped Carbon Version Full Aero Kit for Lexus LC

2017-19 Lexus LC500 [Z100]

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Varis Magnum Opus Limited Edition Chopped Carbon Version Full Aero Kit for 2017-19 Lexus LC [Z100]

Debuted at Tokyo Auto Salon 2019, the Carbon fiber utilized for this special edition is “chopped carbon”. * A lineup of common carbon fibers (Twill weave) is also available. The aero parts are beautifully designed without greatly destroying the original atmosphere of the LC500, and the variable rear wing mechanism that comes standard with the Type S grade can also be used. Announced sophisticated aero parts that added ducts to the bonnet and front fender, set a rear diffuser, and pursued functions.

Chopped Carbon, one of the latest innovations in carbon fiber, \ is used in Lamborghini’s Sesto element for interior and exterior, and for Prius PHV as a reinforcing member. Varis is the first aftermarket manufacturer in Japan to use chopped carbon. Characterized by a marble-like marble pattern, and is formed by compacting finely cut carbon fibers with resin instead of a general mesh-patterned carbon sheet. While high rigidity is obtained, it is said that a high level of technical ability to cope with deformation is also achieved.

This is the limited edition Chopped Carbon Fiber version of the kit, and includes the following parts:

Product: Material:
Rear Under Diffuser CHOPPED CARBON
Rear Wing + Base Spoiler CHOPPED CARBON
Cooling Bonnet (Hood) CHOPPED CARBON