Overtake 100-V Saikou Exhaust by Powerhouse Amuse for 2012-16 Nissan GT-R Nismo [R35] DBA


2012-16 Nissan GT-R Nismo [R35] DBA
Overtake 100v Saikou Full Titanium Variable Exhaust for R35 Nissan GT-R
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Saikou in Japanese means the ultimate or the highest achievement. This exhaust is true to its name.


Produced for Overtake by Japan’s highest quality titanium exhaust maker Amuse, this exhaust has it all! Firstly it has a remote controlled valvetronic system which allows a huge reduction of sound for daily use at the push of the included key fob button. Performance wise it has already been used on the legendary Amuse Phantom GT-R in Japan as well as 1700+ horsepower GT-Rs in the US.


Amuse exhausts have historically outperformed the competition but this muffler is extreme with a 100mm main pipe and a custom 100mm flange that avoids the step down in size between the included y pipe and the rear section. A high quality and dynamic race car sound is created through the unique 4 muffler Amuse design and resonation is handled nicely so that the exhaust sound quality is great through the entire RPM range. Details are everywhere from the obvious (full proprietary Amuse STTI titanium construction) to the special touches like the Nismo-esque titanium heat fins to the tiny things like the titanium bolts used and the hollow hanger design. The tips are finished with the famous Amuse B tail gold ring design and a laser etched Overtake logo on the tip.

Although expensive, as a full exhaust system with y pipe included and loaded with premium features we have yet to see another exhaust on the market that is a better value at this premium level.