MSS Urban Fully Adjustable Spring Kit for G01 BMW X3 & G02 BMW X4



Urban Fully Adjustable Spring Kit

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MSS Urban Fully Adjustable Spring Kit for G01 BMW X3 & G02 BMW X4

The MSS Urban Fully Adjustable Spring Kit for the G01 BMW X3 & G02 BMW X4 is a groundbreaking product designed to offer the ultimate control over your vehicle’s suspension. This kit stands out with its fully adjustable feature, enabling users to fine-tune their ride height to personal preferences and driving conditions. With its industry-leading design, the spring kit provides superior handling and ride comfort, transforming your driving experience to new levels of performance. Constructed with high-quality materials, the kit ensures durability and longevity, maintaining its performance under various driving conditions. Designed with simplicity in mind, the spring kit facilitates straightforward installation, allowing for a hassle-free setup process. Tested rigorously for safety and performance, the MSS Urban Fully Adjustable Spring Kit exemplifies an innovative approach to vehicle suspension systems.


  • Dual Stacked, Triple Rated Spring Technology
    • Their highly acclaimed adjustable modular suspension systems were meticulously developed and engineered to prioritize safety, comfort, and performance. These exceptional solutions are backed by a lifetime warranty.
    • The initial spring rate, intentionally set at a relatively low level, effectively absorbs minor road imperfections, resulting in heightened grip. As the vehicle enters corners, it seamlessly transitions to a secondary spring rate, further enhancing the vehicle’s handling characteristics and offering the driver optimal control over the driving experience.
    • The suspension’s third and firmest rate plays a crucial role in resisting sudden dynamic movements, such as those encountered during acceleration, braking, or evasive maneuvers. This increased stiffness assists the vehicle in maintaining its composure, ensuring each wheel maintains traction, and delivering optimal grip on both dry and wet road surfaces.
  • Simply Bolt On for Instant Performance
    • Their products are designed for effortless installation without the need for any modifications.
    • As a spring-only solution, their offerings provide the advantage of faster and more cost-effective installation, setup, and removal. Moreover, there is no requirement for drilling, cutting, or bending during the installation or removal process. These features make their products particularly appealing to drivers of leased vehicles.
  • Adjustable Ride Height
    • Quick and easy ride height adjustments can be made without the need to remove the product, ensuring a seamless return to the original height.
    • Both the front and rear ride heights are easily controlled and adjusted, and for vehicles with limited access, unique mid-mount adjusters are available. Unlike traditional aftermarket suspensions, their products can be readjusted to the original ride height, offering additional clearance when required.
  • World Class Manufacturer
    • The spring components of their products are manufactured by the world’s leading spring manufacturer, following the most stringent specifications. Their exceptional dual stacked, triple rated springs are produced by Eibach, conforming to their top-of-the-line ERS specification, renowned for its superior quality and precision in the market. When compared to traditional aftermarket suspension options, their products are widely regarded as delivering unparalleled value.


  • MSS has experienced remarkable growth in the performance aftermarket by providing cutting-edge springs. What sets the company apart is its commitment to an expansive product range and continuous brand development, accompanied by innovative springs technology.
  • The distinctive feature of MSS is its utilization of dual stacked and triple rated springs, complemented by the adjustable “IP” system, to meet two essential needs of any performance vehicle. In urban environments or during transit to the race track, the car delivers outstanding comfort and support. Once on the track, the vehicle’s agility and performance outshine all others.
  • Dual-Stacked
    • The MSS springs are meticulously designed to achieve seamless integration, effectively managing abrupt vehicle motions. Featuring a dual-stacked configuration, these springs can be finely tuned to operate at different spring rates, offering a wide range of customization options for optimal performance.
  • MSS Front Ride Controller
    • The design of the orange springs prioritizes effective management of front-end ride behavior, ensuring maximum comfort is achieved.
  • MSS Front Ride Adjuster
    • The design of the adjuster enables easy adjustment of the ride height, offering the flexibility to lower the vehicle’s stance by up to -50mm.
  • MSS Rear Ride Controller
    • The purpose-built orange springs are meticulously crafted to enhance performance handling and deliver exceptional comfort on both wet and dry road conditions. Engineered to work seamlessly with the shock absorber, these single-rated heavy-duty springs provide outstanding stability to the vehicle, ensuring optimal control during acceleration, steering, cruising, and braking maneuvers.
  • MSS Rear Ride Adjuster
    • The central adjuster acts as a robust base for the springs, guaranteeing precise alignment and maximizing the performance of the components. It also facilitates ride height adjustments, providing the flexibility to lower the vehicle by up to -50mm while maintaining its full capacity. This feature allows drivers to customize the vehicle’s stance without sacrificing its load-carrying capability.
  • MSS Rear Ride Enhancer
    • The MSS Ride Enhancer is designed to keep the MSS Ride Controller securely in place, enabling drivers to fully explore the performance capabilities of their vehicles.
    • When executing aggressive cornering maneuvers that may cause wheel lift, the active coils of the tender spring effectively stabilize the MSS Ride Controller, ensuring it remains in its intended position with optimal stability. This feature enhances the overall performance and handling of the vehicle, allowing drivers to confidently push the limits.

Peace of Mind

  • The production process of MSS springs follows the most stringent technical standards in the industry, guaranteeing exceptional quality control. These precision-engineered springs are manufactured in a TUV-approved facility, adhering to TUV specifications. This commitment to excellence is reflected in the lifetime warranty provided with every product, serving as a testament to their superior quality and durability.


  • Triple Engineered Technology Benefits
    • By harnessing the power of its patented Triple Stack Spring Technology, MSS has achieved a remarkable milestone, offering a revolutionary solution that combines improved performance, comfort, and safety into a single product. This groundbreaking achievement demonstrates MSS’s commitment to delivering uncompromising excellence in every aspect of their offerings.
  • Superior Performance
  • Enhanced Safety
  • Unparalleled Comfort


  • ADJUSTMENT RANGE (FRONT) – 0 to -40mm (+/-3mm)
  • ADJUSTMENT RANGE (REAR) – 0 to -50mm
  • FRONT STACKED – No – single front
  • REAR STACKED – Yes – dual stacked


  • 2017+ BMW X3 – G01
  • 2018+ BMW X4 – G02


  • The provided photos serve as a reference guide and may not accurately represent the exact appearance of the product, as there may be some variations.

About MSS

MSS is a renowned company in the automotive industry, specializing in designing and manufacturing high-performance suspension systems. With an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, MSS continuously pushes the boundaries to deliver superior ride comfort and control. Their product portfolio includes fully adjustable kits, crafted meticulously to provide drivers with unrivaled flexibility in tailoring their vehicle’s handling and ride characteristics. With an ethos centered on technical excellence and customer satisfaction, MSS’ expertise ensures they deliver cutting-edge solutions that not only meet but often exceed the requirements of passionate drivers worldwide. Their reputation is built on the pillars of exceptional performance, durability, and the pursuit of automotive perfection, making MSS Suspension a trusted choice for vehicle suspension upgrades.

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