JUN VR38DETT Camshaft Kit 266 Intake/Exhaust Set (Bolt-On) for 2009-19 Nissan GT-R [R35] 1004M-N410/1004M-N510


2009-19 Nissan GT-R [R35] VR38DETT

Complete camshaft kit for the Nissan GTR R35 by Jun. Distributed worldwide by Bulletproof Automotive

JUN Part Number: 1004M-N410/1004M-N510

Cannot be shipped to California addresses for street use. This kit was developed exclusively for off-road race use only. Because of this, the vehicle cannot be driven on any public roads or highways. Any vehicle with this kit installed may void the factory manufacturer’s warranty.

Please note that products from this brand are not typically kept in stock, and are made-to-order. As these products must be manufactured and then imported from Japan, lead times will vary. Following your order, a representative will contact you to explain the order process, and provide an estimated timeframe for delivery. Following the discussion, should you choose to continue with the order, please note that as the parts will be made for you, there will be no further option for cancellation (if there are any concerns regarding lead time, please advise us immediately during the initial follow-up). At the time of the initial contact and after being informed of the estimated lead time, should you choose to cancel, you may do so within 1 business day. You are encouraged to read and understand the full terms and conditions of the sale here.


JUN Camshaft Kit 266 Intake/Exhaust Set (Bolt-On) for 2009-19 Nissan GT-R [R35] 1004M-N410/1004M-N510


  • Intake: 264-10.3mm lift 0.30 VC (cold valve clearance)
  • Exhaust: 264-10.3mm lift 0.33 VC (cold valve clearance)

Bulletproof is a direct and authorized JUN dealer.

JUN has seen 30-45 hp increase on an otherwise stock engine with the stock ECU. Gains should increase with other modifications and boost. JUN has been regarded as Japan’s premier manufacturer of camshafts for decades now. Finally GT-R cams are available by JUN for increased power! These 66 degree camshafts are produced in Japan by Jun Auto. They are designed to be used with stock components and no other modifications are required for use.

This camshaft already adjusted the valve timing. It is bolt-on camshaft which can use with stock valve spring and computer.

***These cams will work even with a stock ECU.

Price is for a complete car set.