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APR Performance Carbon Fiber Front Wind Splitter w/ Rods for Chrysler 300C SRT8

$560.00 $476.00


2017+ Chrysler 300C – APR Performance Carbon Fiber Front Wind Splitter with Rods

SPECIAL ORDER: These items are typically not in stock and either made-to-order or special order from the manufacturer. After you order we will confirm the estimated lead time and other order details. If you have a specific deadline to receive this order please talk to us before placing your order to ensure that the manufacturer can meet your expectations.
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APR Performance Carbon Fiber Front Wind Splitter w/ Rods for Chrysler 300C SRT8

The inclusion of an APR Performance Front Wind Splitter onto the front bumper is critical for effective driving at rapid velocities, thus curtailing any unneeded lift and ensuring a tranquil voyage. Furthermore, to accrue enhanced regulation over air flow in the engine bay these changeable splitters can be cospaired with a custom-made APR Wing assembly.

Downforce Balance

  • Front – ||||||
  • Center – |||
  • Rear – |


  • Pattern –  2×2 twill weave
  • MaterialCarbon fiber with a 3K weave and preimpregnated Nomex honeycomb, or Carbon fiber with a 3K weave reinforced by glass matting, both of which have been previously saturated
  • Coating UVLonglasting protective coating
  • MountingA unique mounting system must be designed from scratch (no existing openings can be utilized)
  • HardwareFasteners made of stainless steel, such as machine screws, washers, nuts and adjustable rods


  • A comprehensive array of premium stainless steel fasteners, that includes screws and bolts, as well washers and threaded rods, is in plentiful supply
  • Maximizing ingenuity in overcoming obstacles
  • Adjust the rate of momentum to establish equilibrium


  • Undoubtedly, this selection should be given the utmost consideration when planning events of moderate magnitude and is therefore undoubtedly the most optimal option
  • The APF Performance Front Wind Splitter has been constructed to emulate the characteristics of conventional vehicle bumpers, and can be adjusted for specialized purposes when necessary
  • Examine the array of APR Performance Front Wind Splitters, each supplied with a customizable sustaining structure comprised of resilient stainless steel


  • 2017+ Chrysler 300C SRT8


  • The user is fully responsible for ensuring that the installation of this system has been done correctly. It is highly recommended to have a professionally trained technician install it in order to guarantee proper operation and reliability. The components included with the splitter should not be altered or replaced, as doing so could create hazardous conditions which would lead to failure of the system. Furthermore, if any parts from the original vehicle manufacturer used during proposed setup are swapped out with nonoriginal parts then there may be safety issues eventually causing breakdown of this product.

About APR Performance


  • Since 1999, APR Performance has been the undisputed chief in crafting and fabricating superior aerodynamic performance components for the aftermarket automotive sector


  • Utilization of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis along with empirical track testing, guarantee the fabrication and validation of products to stringent performance specifications


  • The utilization of proprietary manufacturing processes incorporating pre-impregnated carbon fiber composites assists in creating products characterized by sturdiness, lightness and premium caliber
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