Amuse R1 Titan Center Pipe for 2017-19 Lexus RC-F [XC10]


2017-19 Lexus RC-F [XC10]

Powerhouse Amuse R1 Titan Center Pipe (No Cat) for the Lexus RC-F

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The Lexus RC-F R1 Titan Center Pipe is designed and manufactured by Powerhouse Amuse, in their signature STTI titanium. The full titanium R1 Titan Center Pipe is one of the first catless center pipes available on the market for the Lexus RC-F. This beautifully titanium center pipe will give an aggressive sound to you RC-F. As with all Powerhouse Amuse exhaust systems, this R1 Titan Center Pipe is handcrafted using the finest materials and when paired with the R1 Titan Muffler, will produce an unmistakeable sound that Amuse exhausts have become increasing know for. For additional information, please contact our sales team.

Exclusive from Bulletproof Automotive is the “Race Version” exhaust system which does not include resonators for improved sound. A “Street Version” is also available, which has improved flow over the factory exhaust system, but a minimal increase in sound. We recommend “Race Version” to achieve the best sounding RC-F, as the Street Version is a bit too quiet for most RC-F owners’ tastes. At idle the Race Version system sounds close to stock levels. However, on throttle, it really opens up and sounds very aggressive.

To complete the exhaust system, Amuse also produces their R1 Titan Rear Section.

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The video below features the Race Version Rear Section and Race Version Center Pipe: