Customer Spotlight – Zero Fighter GT-R

Customer Spotlight - Zero Fighter GT-R

Robert’s love for his GT-R continues to burn strong as his GT-R has gone through another major change. Last seen looking very purple, Rob continues the Top Secret look he started with their carbon canards and wide fenders. The wide fenders became a must once he got custom Rinspeed rims for a more square ride. The rear has been finished off with a carbon duckbill trunk with a very high tech rear wing. The wing has a state of the art controller that is attached inside the trunk that can be programed to control the down force to the drivers specific wants. The whole car’s color is now updated to a matte army green with a simple circle graphic. The simplistic graphic is either a great nod to the rising sun or a target for the all of the cars behind it to aim for on the track.


The engine was tuned by the expert hands at Jotech who upgraded the internals of the GT-R to handle the HKS GT1000 turbo upgrade. The power is now mated to a HKS transmission and strengthen by a T1 transmission brace.


Overall an incredible car that really earns its vanity license plate “TRKZILA” moniker.

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