Bulletproof FR-S Concept One Supercar

Bulletproof FR-S Concept One Supercar

Limited to a maximum of 10 cars, the world famous Bulletproof Automotive FR-S Concept One Supercar is now offered for sale in a variety of completely bespoke configurations. While the Lamborghini factory paint colors and exotic interior details can be customized, the Lexus LFA-rivaling performance with a 500hp engine, light weight chassis, 6 speed manual transmission, and classic FR layout are standard equipment.

Serious drivers wanted.

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After captivating the hearts of the automotive world at Tokyo Auto Salon and SEMA, the Concept One then displayed the supercar performance it promised when put to the test. While using street tires maintaining a full interior street car configuration, the Concept One proved the equal of a Ferrari 458 Italia and Lexus LFA posting an identical 1’02.2 lap time at Tsukuba Circuit. Even detuned to 400hp, the resulting 1’03.2 lap time bested the Porsche GT3 RS by a full second and matched the Porsche GT2 despite a 100+ horsepower disadvantage. Most importantly the car is street driven comfortably in the same tune as those blistering supercar matching laps at the world famous Tsukuba Circuit.

Concept One:



See what industry leading journalists as well as those that have driven the Concept One at Tsukuba have to say

“Introducing The Baby LFA. Bulletproof Nail It.”

– Speedhunters


“The Bulletproof Automotive FR-S Concept One was the star of Tokyo Auto Salon”

– Option Magazine, Japan

“…a car with a power to weight ratio that rivals cars ten times its price.”

– HyperTune Magazine, Malaysia

“Above 3000rpm the engine has huge power at Tsukuba.”

– Race Car Driver Nobuteru Taniguchi’s Impression at Tsukuba Circuit

“Even the fussiest hypercar owner couldn’t fault the fit and finish. There isn’t a shut line out of place or flaw in the paintwork, while the additional girth wraps so neatly around the staggered G25 wheels that it could have rolled off a car designer’s sketch pad like this.”

– Japanese Performance Magazine, UK

“The car handled very sharp and precise at Tsukuba Circuit.”

– Race Car Driver Yasushi Kikuchi’s Impression at Tsukuba Circuit

“We were surprised about how extremely luxurious interior of the car is.”

– HyperRev Magazine, Japan

“The Scion FR-S Concept One by Bulletproof is Here to Murder All the Supercars.”

– Complex Magazine, USA

“Concept-One is the embodiment of everything Bulletfproof stands for; automotive excellence.”
– Import Tuner Magazine, US


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