Vehicle Paint Specialist – Full Time (Hawthorne, CA)


Bulletproof Auto Spa, a prestigious Los Angeles automotive paint protection and restyling shop, is searching for a vehicle paint specialist to join our opportunistic team. This position is key in providing concours-level paint corrections and detailing that exceeds client expectations. The ideal candidate will have high standards to self-sufficiently identify paint defects and refine automotive paint finishes, as well as apply professional ceramic coatings.


  • Use of a rotary and dual-action orbital polishing machine
  • Wet sanding, compound cutting, and polishing with variable-purpose pads
  •  Use of a paint depth reader and gloss meter
  • Use of a pressure washer and soft water filtration system
  • Identifying various paint defects and retouched paint finishes
  • Vehicle preparations (i.e., washing, clay bar, chemical decontamination)
  • Vehicle presentation duties (e.g., detailing, vacuuming, glass cleaning, textile cleaning)
  • Professional ceramic coat application
  • Organization and cleaning of polishing machines, pads, and related products
  • Maintaining inventory of detailing tools and solutions
  • Day-to-day shop tidiness and upkeep
  • Work in a team-based environment


  • Experience in paint corrections and paint leveling
  • Experience in ceramic coat application
  • Familiarity with chemical compositions of ceramic coating and polishing products
  • Knowledge in basic car functions
  • Ability to read and understand metric and SAE measurement units
  • Experience using various sanding and polishing pads
  • General knowledge in paint depth and indication of high-risk areas
  • Proficiency in automotive detail industry verbiage
  • Physical ability to lift objects of at least 50 pounds
  • Strong problem-solving and adaptive skills
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Thorough and extreme attention to detail
  • Organized, careful, and clean
  • Prompt and communicative
  • Desire to learn and hone a trade skill


  • Hourly pay commensurate with experience
  • Growth opportunities
  • Opportunities for overtime
  • Generous 401K match
  •  100% employer provided medical insurance
  • Paid holidays, sick days, and PTO
  • Tesla automobile subsidy after one year of employment
  • Open participation in various company and cross-company events
  • Employee discount on various automotive parts and services after one year of


Bulletproof Auto Spa is a premire automotive paint protection and restyling facility in Hawthorne, California that offers only the best premium products, with unmatched execution, for the vehicles of the most value-based clientele. We rank ourselves in a separate spectrum than of your typical automotive detail shop, where bespoke and prestigious car care is our sole focus. Our boutique approach to vehicle customization is tailored to every client to cater to a true fulfillment.

Bulletproof Auto Spa was founded by the shared vision of meticulous film installers and the creative leaders of Unplugged Performance and Bulletproof Automotive. Bulletproof Auto Spa aims to build a foundation that will redefine the path of automotive protection and restyling, and
set forth not only a new standard for vehicle detailing, but also create a community where passion meets education for both the consumer and the workforce.

We believe that protecting investments is an ethic that can be abided by in all aspects, and to do so, we make sure that our core values do not cater necessarily to the highest bidder, but rather to the persons who seek knowledge and support in retaining vehicle investments. Our
collaboration with only the best industry film and product suppliers ensures that we are able to provide work that is not an ounce short of spectacular. A quality-over-quantity mindset humbles our trade skills, and allows us to focus on what matters most to our clients.

With over a decade of sophisticated experience under our belt, the consensus that growth and knowledge is never-ending allows us to constantly and consistently deliver super-satisfactory results across an extensively wide range of automakers. Our very own passions in automotive
culture reinforces our skilled labor and, in turn, aim to improve the ownership chapter by cultivating an ease-of-mind and cathartic driving experience.


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