Varis Supreme Carbon/FRP Widebody Kit for 2019-20 Toyota Supra GR [A90] VATO-351wB – With Carbon Bonnet


2019-20 Toyota Supra GR [A90]

Varis Widebody Kit, FRP & Carbon, carbon fiber bonnet included, A90 Supra

Varis PN# VATO-351wB

Part Number: VATO-351wB Vehicles: , , Brand:

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Debuted at Tokyo Auto Salon 2020, this all new aero suite for the Supra GR evokes the aesthetics of peak JDM tuning exemplified by its predecessor, the JZA80 Supra Twin Turbo. Varis debuted two versions- a narrowbody which makes the most of the car’s existing bodylines as well as a widebody version.

Produced in Japan to the finest standards, Varis products offer exemplary fitment for quicker, simpler installation.

The name is SUPREME – a wide body kit that gives off a strong impact. Each widebody kit consists of a “front wide lip”, “front fender + extension”, “side skirt + big under canard + side air panel”, “door panel”, “rear fender”, “rear fender shroud”, “canard” and “rear diffuser”. The basic design, such as the lip, is the same as ARISING-I, but the balance has been rebuilt on the front and back according to the widening, rethinking its shape.

The front and rear wide fenders are both affixed types and adopt a split structure so that the hood can be opened and closed without any problems. The wide width of the front is 85mm on one side. When combined with a duct, it is surprising that the front fender alone has a 6-piece configuration.

The rear is 70mm wider on each side, but the door panels and side skirts are specially designed to fit the width of the fender so that it remains wide while retaining the car’s original aesthetic.

At first glance it looks like a normal carbon wing, but the material is entirely new lightweight wet carbon. This reduced the weight of the main flap to 2.6kg despite its length of 1800mm. This material is a special material used for wings of Super GT racecars. It has a high strength but is difficult to process. Although it is extremely light and thin, it is a material that requires extremely advanced technology that is difficult to mold. Varis plans to use this material in some products in the future.

Additionally available are a vented cooling hood and 1800mm GT wing with mounting bracket.