Varis x Original Runduce Collaboration Version Aero Kit for 2007-16 Mitsubishi Evo X [CZ4A]

2007-16 Mitsubishi Evo X [CZ4A]

Varis x Original Runduce Collaboration Version Aero Kit for CZ4A Mitsubishi Evolution X


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This collaboration between JDM tuning superpowers Varis Japan and Original Runduce has led to the creation of a truly unique bodykit that brings the styles of these two iconic design houses together for an epic aero kit.

Product: Material: Manufacturer Part Number:
Varis x Original Runduce Front Bumper + Front Under Lip Spoiler FRP VOMI-001
Carbon Lip Guard Set for Varis x Original Runduce Front Bumper CARBON VOMI-002
Front Lip Only (Replacement parts) CARBON VOMI-003
Original Runduce x Varis Side Skirt Set, FRP Underboards FRP VOMI-004
Underboard, FRP Only (replacement part) FRP VOMI-005
Rear Diffuser CARBON VAMI-135
Rear Diffuser HALF-CARBON VAMI-136
Center Splitter Fin (single piece) (replacement part) VAMI-137
Side Splitter Fin (single piece) (replacement part) VAMI-207
Euro Edition GT-Wing 1430mm (High-Mount, B1 Stands) ALL CARBON VGW03-143HB1-AC
Wing Mounting Bracket for Evo X (trunk mounts) CARBON VGW-M03C
Wing Mounting Bracket for Evo X (trunk mounts) FRP VGW-M03F

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