Refresh Front Fascia System for 2012-16.5 Tesla Model S


2012-May 2016 Tesla Model S

Unplugged Performance Refresh Front Fascia System for Tesla Model S

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Refresh Front Fascia System

The Refresh Fascia provides previous generation Model S owners an opportunity to experience that new car feeling once again. The new-look follows Tesla’s new nosecone-free aerodynamic design and features an integrated front spoiler. This distinctive front spoiler amplifies the performance identity of the car and distinguishes it as a premium version, consistent with the ethos of all Unplugged products.


• What year Model S vehicle does this product fit?

    – The Refresh Front Fascia is designed to accommodate all Tesla Model S vehicles produced from 2012 until May 2016

• Does AutoPilot work with the Refresh Front Fascia?

    – Yes, the Refresh Fascia was designed and tested to work seamlessly with the AutoPilot hardware and Park Assist System

• In the event that the 12V onboard battery is completely discharged and I am unable to open the hood (bonnet), how do I “jump-start” the vehicle?

    – We’ve thought of that! Knowing that the Refresh Fascia eliminates the ability to remove the nose cone, thus making jump-start terminals inaccessible, we designed an included safety system to enable charging.

• Is cooling affected with the Refresh Front Fascia?

    – No, we took into account the locations of all OEM heat exchangers and ducting, and engineered the bumper shape to allow for proper cooling as the factory intended

• Does the Refresh Front Fascia come pre-painted?

    – Due to the wide variances of paint from car to car, pre-painting is not advised and a proper paint match to each car is strongly recommended for the best result

• How long does it take to install?

    – The installation does not require any modification to the car and takes approximately 3 hours for a professional body shop to complete

• Is the Tesla emblem included?

    – The Tesla emblem is a trademarked item of Tesla. We do not reproduce it. Our fascia is designed for you to transfer your existing emblem from your car onto our fascia. We’ve developed a mounting surface for easy installation of your existing emblem

• Do you offer the Refresh Front Fascia pre-painted?

    – Regarding pre-painted parts in general, we’ve seen past challenges when pre-painting parts and shipping to clients for install. The challenge arises in that there are often small variances in paint color from car-to-car based on production date (Tesla has made subtle changes to their production painting process). Additionally, depending on exposure, the “aging” process of paint can vary widely, causing variances in appearance and color. For these reasons, among others, we always strongly advise that painting be done locally at a body shop that is installing the parts to the actual car. This is the only way we believe anyone can ever ensure quality and proper paint match. We do have the capability to offer pre-painted parts, but we advise against it

• Is a license plate bracket included?

    – While we are not including a mounting bracket, the Refresh Fascia is designed to accept the OEM license plate mount designed for the facelifted Model S

• My Model S is on the lease, how easy is it to reverse back to the original condition when I trade my car in?

    – The Unplugged Performance Refresh Fascia is designed to use all factory ducts, factory mesh, and factory attachment locations. As a result, there is no cutting, drilling or modifying required of any original parts or to the car itself. Attachment is achieved by simply using factory bolts and mounting clips. The car can be reverted back to the unaltered factory original bumper configuration in less than 3 hours of labor with basic tools.

Your total cost of enjoying the refresh during the remaining time of your lease will simply be your cost of the fascia, paint and install, less your future resale proceeds of the refresh to the next owner who will surely appreciate and compensate you for an already painted item.

 Tesla’s production of the Model S utilizes many ongoing minor adjustments which occur often without public announcement and without following a traditional model year cycle. As a result of our experience, we produce multiple variations of our parts to ensure the best fitment match Tesla’s many publicly undocumented variations. For our research and development to benefit your order please provide us with the production month/year, trim specs, color and VIN when you submit your order.


The popular Tesla blog Teslarati stopped by to see the Refresh Fascia firsthand. In doing so, they also happened to witness the test-fit / installation of a Refresh Fascia and decided to do a write-up here: