Front Spoiler and Diffuser System for 2012-16.5 Tesla Model S (Unpainted)


2012-2016.5 (May) Tesla Model S
Compatible with all models including Autopilot

Unplugged Performance Front Spoiler and Diffuser System for Tesla Model S

Part Number: UP_MS_FRTDIFFUSER Vehicle: Brand:

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Front Spoiler and Diffuser System


  • Simple Installation using OEM Mounting Points
  • FULLY REVERSIBLE – No Modification Needed to Install
  • Ground Clearance is Maintained – Comparable to OEM for worry-free daily driving
  • Aggressive Design Enhances Front End Aesthetics
  • Front Spoiler & Undertray
  • Durable Urethane Construction to better withstand the hazards of daily driving
  • Proudly Designed & Produced in USA in Hawthorne, CA, home of Space X & Tesla Design

The Unplugged Performance Front Spoiler and Diffuser System is a great and easy way to add sportiness and style to your Model S.

Installation is simple, with the UP Front Spoiler and Diffuser attaching to the factory bumper using the original mounting points, with no modification required. Despite looking aggressive and increasing the downforce for sporty driving, the ground clearance is kept at a comparable level to the factory specification for peace of mind.

This item is available in the following variations: unpainted, premium factory color paint, or in beautiful dry carbon fiber. This front spoiler is designed and produced to the highest quality levels in Hawthorne, California.

All front spoiler/diffuser systems purchased in either the unpainted or painted variations are produced in a Tesla factory style of impact resistant urethane. This production method allows significant durability as the material rebounds to the factory shape after experiencing an impact.

The carbon fiber option remains as carbon fiber for those looking for supercar grade lightweight construction.

 Compatible with all Model S variants including models featuring Auto Pilot.

 Tesla’s production of the Model S utilizes many ongoing minor adjustments which occur often without public announcement and without following a traditional model year cycle. As a result of our experience, we produce multiple variations of our parts to ensure the best fitment match Tesla’s many publicly undocumented variations. For our research and development to benefit your order please provide us with the production month/year, trim specs, color and VIN when you submit your order.

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