Flagship Front Fascia System


Stand apart at the Supercharger and elevate your Model S to supercar heights with this complete front fascia redesign.

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Stand apart at the Supercharger with this complete redesign of the front fascia of your Model S! The Unplugged Performance Flagship Front Fascia (Front Bumper) is designed a complete replacement for the entire front bumper assembly on your 2012-2016.5 Tesla Model S.

Included in this system are all of the components needed to replace your front bumper and front diffuser with the upgraded Unplugged Performance version. Finally the supercar performance of the Model S will be matched up with a supercar level of visual impact that this replacement front end provides.

The design carefully balances image and function to ensure that factory levels of ground clearance remain for everyday usability. We designed the front fascia to work in harmony with all of the existing engineering including the four speed-activated ducting systems, the original Tesla fog lamps and driving lights, the removable front grille, parking distance sensors, and the Tesla factory logo. It has been engineered to reuse all Tesla Factory mounting points and hardware.

The Unplugged Performance Front Fascia system is available for all Tesla Model S versions including the 60, 70, 70D, 85, 85D, P85, P85+, P85D and P90D. Please specify whether or not your car is equipped with Auto Pilot features when you receive an order confirmation, so that we can ensure your Unplugged Performance Front Fascia works properly with this system.

Tesla’s production of the Model S utilizes many ongoing minor adjustments which occur often without public announcement and without following a traditional model year cycle. As a result of our experience, we produce multiple variations of our parts to ensure a best fitment match Tesla’s many publically undocumented variations. For our research and development to benefit your order please provide us with the production month/year, trim specs, color and VIN when you submit your order.