Unplugged Performance BBS UP-01 Wheel Package for Tesla


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Tesla Model S Unplugged Performance BBS Wheel

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Unplugged Performance BBS UP-01 Wheel Package


  • Engineered and manufactured by BBS in Germany exclusively for the entire Model S range from Model S 60 to Model S P85 and P85+
  • Designed to accept Tesla standard 21 inch tire sizes, Tesla factory TPMS adapters, and Tesla lug nuts
  • BBS exclusive flow-formed technology as deployed on Ferrari Challenge cars
  • Titanium fasteners for ultimate strength and weight savings
  • TÜV SÜD approved and tested beyond 2,000,000 load cycles, 10 times the TÜV SÜD requirement
  • Rated to reliably withstand 2145lbs per wheel (8580lbs for the four wheels, nearly twice the weight of a Model S)
  • Mass-centered design to reduce the moment of inertia and improve acceleration and deceleration
  • Integrated stainless steel wheel protectors to absorb curb rash or impact, which can be easily replaced and return the wheel to mint condition
  • Exclusive Unplugged Performance Asteroid Graphite coating
  • Designed to work with the dual motor engines

Unplugged Performance tapped the world’s most famous wheel manufacturer BBS to collaborate on a wheel that is designed from the ground up for a Tesla Model S.  Leveraging BBS’ massive experience in F1 and OEM wheel contraction, the UP-01 wheel has been designed to be overwhelmingly strong, light, and transmit less vibration to the cabin.  It has also been designed with unique integrated and easily replaceable wheel protectors that can be affordably replaced if a wheel is curbed, ensuring that the UP-01 wheels can outlast the vehicle itself while maintaining their stunning looks.

The Unplugged Performance UP-01 Package includes 4 wheels with rim protectors, 1 extra rim protector, 4 BBS center caps, 4 Tesla center caps with BBS adapters.  Additional wheel protectors can be purchased at any time if needed.