Test & Service Sports Intercooler Piping Kit for 2007-16 Mitsubishi Evo X [CZ4A] RA153056S2


2007-16 Mitsubishi Evo X [CZ4A]

Test & Service Sprots Intercooler Piping Kit for the Mitsubishi CZ4A Evo X

PN# RA153056S2

Part Number: TESTSERVICEEVOX21 Vehicles: , , , Brand:


Improve intermediate roque and Taborosu reduction at the time of acceleration and effieciency of the intercooler by changing to the blue silicon hose and red anodized aluminum tube, you will reduce the bend of the pipe, by the adoption of the widening pipe structure of φ45 → φ60, to reduce the inhalation resistance. You are contributing to a reduction in the weight of the chassis front because it makes use of aluminum pipe lightweight.

Test & Service Part #: RA153056S2