Test & Service Sports Grounding System Kit for 2007-16 Mitsubishi Evo X [CZ4A] RACZ4501S1


2007-16 Mitsubishi Evo X [CZ4A]

Test & Service Sports Grounding System Kit for the Mitsubishi CZ4A Evo X

PN # RACZ4501S1

Part Number: TESTSERVICEEVOX15 Vehicles: , , , Brand:


System that takes a direct ground, such as engine blocks and electrical components from the negative terminal of the battery, to smooth the flow of electricity. By attaching this kit, it is possible to stably supply the necessary power to each of the electrical system ignition system, such as motors, lamps, etc. In addition, the cable uses 15SQ mesh, 110 ℃ heat-resistant, translucent blue coating black RALLIART logo. RALLIART logo tube with the battery connector near. In addition, introducing new technology of its own terminal joint body and to cope with high voltage and high current, followed by integrating the terminal and line, and ultra-low resistance value. And I made it possible to wire core diameter of 1/3 for a conventional cable. In addition, 15SQ mesh cable translucent blue coating, also effective dress up the engine compartment.

NOTE: Can not be combined with sport 1DIN triple meter.

Test & Service Part #: RACZ4501S1