RevoZport Razor Vented Lightweight Hood for 2012-16 VW Golf [MK 7] V MK7 2 RZ2 A201


2012-16 VW Golf R [MK 7]

VW Mk7 Golf R RevoZport Razor 7R Lightweight Hood

Part #: V MK7 2 RZ2 A201

Part Number: REVOZPORTGTI2 Vehicles: , Brand:

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The RevoZport Razor 7R lightweight vented hood is made lighten the front end of the Mk7 Golf but increase engine cooling. The vents are positioned to maximize the amount of hot air that escapes the engine bay and come with anti water spray trays so now water enters the engine bay. This hood is made from single side matt dry internal carbon. This hood will fit all Mk7 Golfs.