Magnum Opus Aero Kit for 2015-19 Lexus RC-F [XC10]

2015-19 Lexus RC-F [XC10]

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Varis Magnum Opus Aero Kit for 2015-19 Lexus RC-F [XC10]

The name “Magnum Opus” fits, as this kit is more restrained than some of Varis’ other designs and captures the athleticism of the RC-Fs bodylines without taking away from the understated, refined feel that is inherent to Lexus.

Varis designed the Magnum Opus line to be a more mature, upscale aero line intended for street driven cars that would be perfectly at home at a luxury hotel, more CEO-Cruiser than racer aesthetic for a more mature and discerning taste.

Product: Material: Manufacturer Part Number:
Front Spoiler CARBON VALE-001
Side Under Skirts CARBON VALE-002
Rear Diffuser System-1 VSDC VALE-003
Diffuser Fins (Replacement Parts) VALE-005
Carbon Muffler Guard Set (LEFT / RIGHT) VALE-006
Long Tail Rear Wing CARBON VALE-007
Titan Exhaust Finisher Set TITAN VALE-008
Cooling Bonnet (Hood) System-1 VSDC VBLE-101
Cooling Bonnet (Hood) System-1 CARBON VBLE-102

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