JUN Carbon Air Intake Box for 2012-19 Toyota 86/FR-S/Subaru BRZ [ZN6/ZC6] 2023A-T001


2012-16 Scion FR-S [ZN6]
2012-19 Subaru BRZ [ZC6]
2012-19 Toyota 86/GT86/FT86 [ZN6]

Carbon Air Intake Box for the Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ, Toyota 86 by JUN Auto

JUN part Number: 2023A-T001

Intake Kit
Intake Kit with EcuTek ECU
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Increase cold air flow to the engine and engine bay with this carbon air intake box from JUN Auto.

This product placed an open air filter in the box instead of a stock air cleaner case. An open air cleaner which was installed as it stands sucks much hot air because it is located right behind a radiator due to the structure of 86/BRZ. This product can keep cool air into the box through stock air duct which was located in front of a radiator. Also, it delivers cool air to the engine very effectively because it is separated from heated engine room.

And, an idling of engine becomes out of condition due to air flow changes around sensor, so the form of air cleaner case is different from stock one. We use a size larger air flow adapter because consistency does not match when turn the inside diameter down as the measures. Consequently, owing to the voltage of an air flow sensor falls, our product can support a high-power engine.

JUN prepared special ECU data for the Carbon Air Intake Box. It may need the custom ECU tuning when you already had changed the other parts.

Please contact us for more information.

NOTE: JUN Auto indicates this will fit on the Subaru BRZ as well.