J’S RACING Aero Hood Type-V for 2017-20 Honda Civic Type R [FK8]


2017-20 Honda Civic Type R [FK8]
※ this does not fit FK7 and FC1 Civic


Note 6/10/2020 – Now PREORDERING. Release in 3 mos (90 days)

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The J’s Racing Hood’s Light weight and superior cooling push your type R to the next level !

Official parts chosen for Honda Civic Type R TC (made by Honda Performance Development)  for 2020 TC America Racing Series.

Note 6/10/2020 – Now PREORDERING. Release in 3 mos (90 days)

Now available from J’s Racing exclusively for Civic Type R FK 8!!


  • The intake area is newly designed for more air capacity in order to provide more air inflow to the air cleaner.
  • The heat from the high powered K20C engine and turbine is dissipated much more efficiently with the negative pressure generated from the two V shape ducts and the main duct.
  • Weight comparison – Stock 9.7kg,  J’s Type V 6.8kg.   The weight reduction also enhances the cornering performance
  • A single layer carbon fiber cloth is attached exquisitely by our experienced craftsman for a state-of-the-art appearance

This is a must-have aero hood w/ exceptional cooling function for your FK8 to address the overheating problem.

The superior heat extraction function from the total area of more than 150 cm² of the ducts maximizes the engine performance by reducing the water, oil, and intake air temperatures.  You can significantly reduce the power-down from the excessive heat and from the computer compensation for the high water temperature.

The actual result from a test on the Suzuka International Race Track – Compared to the stock hood,  our hood achieved the reduction of the water temperature 15C max and 10C on average.

The hood also worked flawlessly at the over 220km/h (over 131 mph) without hood lock pins.

Test data: boost level 1.8kgf/cm²/365ps,  atmospheric temperature 30゜C (86゜F),  no rain protector on the hood.



6.8 kg  (Stock 9.7kg)

Exclusively designed for Civic Type R FK8

※ this does not fit FK7 and FC1 Civic Models

●Both Top & Bottom : Plain weave Carbon FRP with clear gel coat finishes

●Compatible with the stock hood hooks (comes with the hardware installed)

●Please re-use the stock windshield washer nozzle and hose with the clips included in the kit

●Clear coating is recommended for a very long durability