HKS VAC TYPE CFT Computer for 2011-20 Subaru BRZ/86/FR-S [ZN6/ZC6] 45002-AT013


2011-20 Subaru BRZ/86/FR-S [ZN6/ZC6]

VAC TYPE CFT for 86/BRZ by HKS for the Scion ZN6 FR-S

HKS PN# 45002-AT013

Part Number: HKSFRS31 Vehicles: , , , , , , , Brand:

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Code No. 45002-AT013


VAC, A Must for Circuit Driving, Now Available for 86 & BRZ.


  • VAC Type CFT is a device for Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ to eliminate the vehicle’s factory speed limiter.
  • VAC is equipped with the optional speed signal output function..
  • Actual speed can be indicated even it is beyond the speed limit.

Note) OB-LINK (Carscope) shows the speed clipped by the VAC.


  • Speed Limiter Cancellation Function
  • Optional Speed Signal Output Function


  • As it is an add-on device, even if data of stock ECU is reflashed, the VAC Type CFT functions without any problem.
  • A “coupler-on” harness is included so no modification of the stock ECU harness is required.
  • Speed can be indicated up to 350km/h when connecting to Circuit Attack Counter, Turbo Timer, or CAMP2. (Car speed pulse “4”)

Coupler-on Harness Length: 150 [mm] Main Unit Harness Length: 250 [mm] Main Unit Size: 60 X 63 X 15 [mm]


  • Connect to the ECU harness using the provided “coupler-on” harness.
    (ECU is located in upper left side of a passenger compartment’s front-seat foot area.)
  • Installation may take approximately 20 minutes.


Product Code No. Price Remarks
VAC Type CFT 45002-AT013 For 86 and BRZ. Compliant for both MT/AT

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Part #: 45002-AT013