HKS Light Action LA Clutch for 2011-20 Subaru BRZ/86/FR-S [ZN6/ZC6] 26010-AT001


2011-20 Subaru BRZ/86/FR-S [ZN6/ZC6]

LA Clutch for 86/BRZ (ZN6/ZC6) by HKS for the Scion ZN6 FR-S

HKS PN# 26010-AT001

Part Number: HKSFRS30 Vehicles: , , , , , , , Brand:

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Code No. 26010-AT001


LA Clutch Series now supports the Toyota 86 (ZN6) and Subaru BRZ (ZC6) in its line up
To compliment use with the GT Supercharger kit, torque capacity is rated at 400Nm (41Kgm / 295lbft) which approximates to 295kw (400ps). This superior capacity for a single plate clutch allows full use of 86/BRZ with high power levels.
As well as torque capacity, light weight and ease of operation where also balanced making fitment to NA vehicles feel natural with increased response which facilitates quick shifting.





  • “MG Composite Disc” is combines metallic with fibrous materials to give the ideal combination of friction, heat resistance strength and durability.
  • Mid engagement during normal driving but with no slip and quick action during circuit use.
  • Low inertia disc reduces synchro shock and allows for quick.

Despite the increased pressure to withstand high torque levels, the clutch pedal is heavy maintaining a positive feel.


Strap Drive Mechanism in the clutch cover allows for clean and accurate disengagement.


Weight is reduce to suit each application. This allows increase response and acceleration and smooth action which can be lost when too light.


Disc damper reduces gear noise and protects the transmission from impact torque.




  • “Allowable Range” is the range of engine torque which is allowable unless the clutch is overheated by intentional clutch semi-engagement.
  • “Conditional Allowable Range” is the range slippage may occur due to rough handling, kickback from tires, components’ distortion.
  • “Range beyond Allowable Range” is the range that slippage occurs when a clutch is being engaged under high RPM.
  • “Mechanical Limit” is the point that slippage occurs when accelerating during normal driving.
  • During idling or accelerating around 2000rpm, some chattering may be heard but there is no mechanical fault.
Stock LA Clutch % Change
Pedal force (N) ※1 103 157 152%
Flywheel weight (kg) 9.28 5.82 63%
Clutch Disc Weight (kg) 1.52 1.48 97%
Kit Weight (kg) 15.72 12.07 77%

※1 The force on pedal is a measured value of actual vehicle. There is a margin of error for each vehicle, it’s an approximation.

Product Vehicle Model E/G Model Year Code No. Price Remarks
Clutch Cover 86/BRZ ZN6/ZC6 F20A 12/04- 26999-AT012 Due for release soon
Clutch Disc 26999-AT013 Due for release soon
Bolt Set(Cover) 26999-AK004


Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Mission Type Form Flywheel Weight Clutch Type Code No. Price Remarks
86 ZN6 FA20 12/04- Stock 6 speed PUSH 5.8kg SINGLE 26010-AT001 Fit to Applied E(16/08-).

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Part #: 26010-AT001