HKS R Type Intercooler Kit with Polished Aluminum Piping for 2007-16 Mitsubishi Evo X [CZ4A] 13001-AM006


2007-16 Mitsubishi Evo X [CZ4A]

HKS Intercooler Kits; Polished Aluminum Piping by HKS for the Mitsubishi CZ4A Evo X

HKS PN# 13001-AM006

Part Number: HKSEVOX29 Vehicles: , , , Brand:

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Code No. 13001-AM006


R type AL/13001-AM006

  • R type core, which is large capacity + low pressure loss type, was selected. Performance will be improved even with stock ECU.
  • High performance “φ70 Piping spec” and low cost “. (Stock Piping is φ60.)
  • Core size (525 x 304 x 103), Stock (490 x 292 x 65)
  • Stock air cleaner box, Racing Suction Reloaded, SSQV, Intercooler Piping Kit can be used together.


This HKS intercooler kit is designed and manufactured specifically for the Mitsubishi Evo X. This intercooler kit is avialable in polished aluminum piping.




Code # 13001-AM006
Spec. φ70 full piping
Core ASSY Polished tank
Inlet pipe φ70 × 3 (1 is buff)
Outlet pipe φ70 × 2 (1 is buff)
Other bracket

* Can’t see side tank for stock bumper




Model CZ4A
Engine Model 4B11
Grade GSR
Transmission TC-SST
Muffler LEGAMAX Premium
Other exhaust part METAL CATALYZER + Center Pipe
Air Cleaner Racing Suction R
ECU Stock
Boost pressure control Stock solenoid



  • Modification of head lamp support upper panel, reinforcement and air con pipe are required during installation.
  • Re-setting of ECU is not required.
  • Area of core will be larger than stock and it is thicker. Therefore, upgrading of radiator is recommended for sport driving.


Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Type Core Size・Location Type Code No. Price Remarks
LANCER EVOLUTION CZ4A(X) 4B11 07/10- R type INTERCOOLER 525×304×103・Front mount R type AL 13001-AM006 φ70 pipe. Stock part(5256A832) is required for RS and all grade after 09/10.

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Part #: 13001-AM006