HKS Dual Muffler for 2019+ Toyota Supra GR [A90] B58 31014-KT001


2019+ Toyota Supra [A90]

HKS Dual Muffler Exhaust System for 2019 Toyota Supra GR

HKS PN# 31014-KT001

Part Number: 53004-AT013-1 Vehicles: , , , , Brand:

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·       Piping diameter is increased sufficiently throughout the system, capable of supporting subsequent upgrades

·       Retains full functionality of the factory valve operation by incorporating use of the OEM actuator

·       Through extensive sound frequency analysis, the exhaust note is tuned to be distinct and pleasant

·       Dyno proven gains of 30+ horsepower as measured internally at HKS and at external facilities

Debuted at SEMA 2019 on HKS stunning demo car, this dual muffler exhaust system for the 2019 Toyota Supra sounds as good as it looks. This system retains the valved exhaust system present from the factory and reuses the OEM actuator motor, allowing you to control the sound of your Supra just like you would with the factory system. This system makes the most of the B58, allowing the turbo straight six to sing its siren song free of restriction, yielding dyno-proven gains of over 30 wheel horsepower. Given the high performance of BMW-built turbocharged inline sixes – N54, N55, S55 and now B58, this is an excellent starting point for any high power A90 Supra build.


The photo shows a prototype. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement. This product will launch at the end of November 2019. Please note that initial stock quantities are limited, so pre-order today.

Performance Enhancement

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