HIPERMAX IV GT20spec Full Coilover Kit for 2013-19 Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ [ZN6/ZC6] (80230-AT001)


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HIPERMAX IV GT20SPEC Coilovers For 2013-19 Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ & Toyota 86 [ZN6/ZC6] (80230-AT001A)

New Features:
Preload Valve System
Inverted Single Tube
Spring Insulator

Part Number: 80230-AT001A Vehicles: , , , Brand:

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HKS’ new HIPERMAX IV GT20SPEC coilovers are a significant improvement over the existing product. The old HKS GT line was already great job for lowering a vehicle and improving handling over the stock suspension, but HKS took things a step further. With revised spring rate and damping force and use of new developments, GT20 SPEC preserves comfortability while further improving handling and drivability. The new suspension is not simply more comfortable, it allows us to make an adjustment to weight transfer and provides good control over the vehicle. It is an ultimate street suspension, making a daily driving exciting, sporty and comfortable.

New Features:

Preload Valve System:
Multiple valve shims of differing size and thickness are stacked around the piston which generates a resistance which becomes a dampening force. PVS applies a preload to the valve shims allowing more accurate control of dampening especially at slower piston speeds As used in MAX 4 series, M4P is able to balance dampening force generation at low piston speeds whilst maintain control at high speed.

Inverted Single Tube:
Inverted Single Tube with big diameter greatly improves rigidity and provide a direct steering feeling.

Spring Insulator:
Rubber seal on the top and bottom of the spring helps to improve spring movement while preventing sound and reducing friction during spring expansion. A suspension was revised for easier height and preload adjustment.

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