GruppeM Carbon Fiber Ram Air Intake for 2007-11 BMW M3 [E90/E92/E93] FRI-0322


2007-11 BMW M3 [E90/E92/E93] S65B40

GruppeM Ram Air Intake, Carbon for the BMW E92 M3

GruppeM Part Number: FRI-0322

Part Number: GRUPPEMM31 Vehicles: , , Brand:

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GruppeM Carbon Fiber Ram Air Intake for 2007-11 BMW M3 [E92/E93] FRI-0322

Airflow is a significant ingredient to the combustion cycle of a high performance engine. Therefore, the intake system cannot be ignored and must stand up to the task of supplying the engine with not only clean air (free of any residue or particle matter), but also maintain ample cooling to provide the highest density possible, in addition to properly utilizing the ram effect at high speeds, to effectively increase the volume of the intake charge. These are key ingredients to bring out the full potential of your engine. Gruppe M‘s engineers take all of this into account when designing our special Ram Air Systems. The finest materials are used from the start with only the finest carbon fiber or carbon Kevlar materials, hand crafted to ensure proper fit and finish. Gruppe M’s technology partnership with K&N, means only the finest four-layer cotton filters are used, custom designed and manufactured to Gruppe M’s strict standards. Together, K&N’s long history of air filter design combined with Gruppe M track proven technology means we can offer you the finest ram air induction systems available.

Looking for that perfect intake for your E90 / E92/ E93, but don’t want what everyone else has? The Gruppe M Air Ram Intake System is for you, revel in the finest that Gruppe M’s engineers has to offer, the top of the range “High-End Intake Systems” is made without compromise to maximize the overall performance of all air intake systems as one complete unit. A conical air filter, placed within the inner and outer of the center cone, this controls air turbulences that in turn increases the speed of airflow to accelerate. Each carbon intake is custom made specially to meet the specification of each individual car and other mechanisms within the systems, such as heat insulation and air-cooling are also carefully designed to work in unison to produce the optimum performance as the whole unit.

Designed and manufactured by GruppeM, this ram air intake system is designed specifically for the BMW E92 M3. If interested, please contact us at Bulletproof Automotive for more information regarding pricing, fitment, shipping costs, as well as installation recommendations.