Endless Drift 6 Rear Performance Brake System for FD Mazda RX-7



1992-2002 Mazda RX-7 – Endless Drift 6 Rear Performance Brake System

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Endless Drift 6 Rear Performance Brake System for FD Mazda RX-7

The Endless Drift 6 Rear Performance Brake System for Mazda RX7 is an aftermarket braking system designed to provide superior stopping power and control for your vehicle. It offers twopiece calipers for front and rear axles, allowing for improved heat dissipation and more consistent brake feel. The kit also includes highperformance brake pads, stainless steel brake lines, and highgrade mounting hardware. Its multipiston design increases clamping force for improved braking response and performance, while its highfriction pads help reduce brake fade. The Endless Drift 6 Rear Performance Brake System is an ideal choice for the performanceminded driver looking to take their Mazda RX7 to the next level of performance.

This revolutionary 6POT caliper kit is capable of controlling the foot brake using 4POT, and the hydraulic side brake with the other 2POT. Thanks to this mechanism, the side brake necessary for creating a drift kick is now hydraulic, providing an impressive braking power.

The friction material of the foot and side brakes can be altered, enabling the driver to customize the brake to their preference.

Endless is dedicated to providing the best performance for racing, rally, or street. Their calipers are designed to resist even extreme conditions without compromising accuracy. For maximum performance, pair the calipers with RF650 Racing Super Fluid and you can count on precise, reliable pad application and release.

Blue Anodized Finish

  • When raw aluminum comes in contact with the oxygen in the atmosphere, a hard, protective layer of aluminum oxide is formed. This is known as oxidation, and is similar to rust. Anodizing takes this process a step further, creating an even harder, more durable layer of aluminum oxide. This makes it perfect for use on race tracks, as it is much more resistant to abrasions than paint or powder coating.

About Bedding

  • In order to maximize the performance of circuitdedicated pads, it is necessary to preheat them to a suitable temperature prior to subjecting them to highimpact and prolonged use; these pads are designed to be heatresistant for this very purpose.
  • Competing in the top tier of motorsport, such as SUPER GT, WRC, and other competitions in Europe, is a testament to the greatness of a professional driver.
  • Prior to using semimetallic brake pads, it is crucial to follow the correct beddingin process to ensure optimal high temperature performance and extend the life of the pads and rotors.

How to Bed

  • Prior to incorporating a new element into the circuit, the rotor should be heated to a range of 400500° C, avoiding any abrupt deceleration. Once that is done, the part can be inserted and the rotor should be allowed to cool to 100° C or lower to conclude the procedure.

Curving Slit Brake Rotors

  • The Curving Slit brake rotor from Endless is an ideal choice for anyone looking for superior brake performance. Its heat treatment and Endless Blue heatresistant coating provide optimal braking power and reliability. Furthermore, its costeffectiveness makes it available to a wide range of users from those replacing wornout brakes to those looking for StreetCircuit driving.

Cost Effective, and More On So Many Levels

  • Steel discs that offer costeffectiveness and performance advantages are popular among racers and drivers. Additionally, the experience and features of these discs make them all the more appealing.

Special Heat Treatment Process

  • Prolonged usage of the rotor can create heat that could lead to tiny cracks in the surface due to the expansion and contraction of the rotor. To avoid this, a pretreatment process was implemented to reinforce the rotor components and reduce the risk of heat cracks when the rotor is used at higher speeds. This has increased the expected durability of the rotor, providing customers with more assurance when utilizing it for an extended period.

Blue Rotor Hat Finish

  • A new layer of blue paint has been put on the bell not only to fend off rust, but also to give it an attractive appearance.


  • 1992-2002 Mazda RX-7 – FD

Kit Specifications

  • Weight : 3690g
  • Size : 168mm x 77.7mm x 310mm
  • Disc Capacity : φ332mm
  • Std Color of Kit : Blue Anodize
  • Std Compound for Kit : SSS for Foot Brake / MX72 for Side Brakes

Kit Contents

  • Endless Racing Calipers (2)
  • Brake Pad Set – Foot
  • Brake Pad Set – Hand
  • Caliper Mounting Brackets (2)
  • Large Diameter Brake Rotors (2) – 332mm x 30mm 2PC
  • Stainless Brake Lines (2)


  • It is ideal to perform the bedding process in dry conditions for optimal brake pad performance; however, if it is raining it may not be possible to achieve the same results.
  • This product is specifically designed for drift competitions and is not suitable to be used on public roads.
  • This product does not come with a hand lever, master cylinder, nor the hydraulic line connecting the master cylinder to the caliper.
  • This product has a rotor with a carving slit.
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