Endless 12POT Front Performance Brake System w/ 2PC Rotors for UZZ40 Lexus SC430



2001-2010 Lexus SC430 – Endless 12POT / Front Performance Brake System with 2PC Rotors

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Endless 12POT Front Performance Brake System w/ 2PC Rotors for UZZ40 Lexus SC430

The Endless 12POT Front Performance Brake System for the Lexus SC430 has proven to be one of the top choices for those looking for superior performance from their braking system. This system is built to handle high performance driving and is strong enough to withstand the most demanding conditions. The 12POT front calipers offer extraordinary clamping power, allowing for improved response and stopping power. With all of its features, the Endless 12POT Front Performance Brake System for the Lexus SC430 is an excellent choice for those looking for race-like braking performance.

The revolutionary12 Piston Caliper is a groundbreaking invention, the first of its kind in the industry. It has a unique 2piece structure and is anchored by an astonishing 12 pistons. Its design is an adaptation from the 6pot calipers, but with an intensified 3piston and 1pad structure. For maximized braking power, four custommade brake pads are incorporated, producing a performance far superior to the traditional calipers.

This model is crafted from forged aluminum, lending it substantial size and lightweightness, in addition to remarkable steadiness. Through the implementation of pistons of varying diameters, it further safeguards against uneven wear of the brake pads and ensures topnotch control.

Endless calipers are built out of outstanding components and crafted with detailed precision. Regardless of how challenging the task, these calipers won‘t waver or become inaccurate. By incorporating these calipers with RF650 Racing Super Fluid, your brakes will achieve peak performance. You can trust that your brakes will operate with utmost exactness when applying and releasing.

Blue Anodized Finish

  • When aluminum is exposed to the oxygen in the atmosphere, a surface layer of oxidation is formed, shielding it from further deterioration. This effect is similar to rust. Anodizing takes this chemical reaction further by creating an exceptionally durable exterior layer of aluminum oxide. For racing purposes, the anodizing process is preferable to painting or powder coating as it is more hardwearing. Anodizing provides a reliable finish that is able to resist abrasion.

“E-Slit” Double Shaving Effect

  • The ESlit Rotor is a oneofakind rotor that stands out due to its unique characteristics. It features a long slot down its face, creating a curved edge and a centeredE symbol. It also has an extra layer of shading, resulting in a light braking effect. Additionally, the force created by the long slot, combined with theE symbol, helps to ensure better pad retention. Once the long slot disappears and only theE remains, it is an indicator that the rotor needs to be replaced.
  • Even when the brake rotor is used regularly, its durability can decrease due to corrosion and rusting caused by regular use over time. As such, it is advisable to switch out the old rotor for a new one every two years.

About Bedding

  • Abedding process must be carried out in order to access the complete advantages of circuitdedicated pads that are intended to resist extreme temperatures. This requires preheating the pads prior to using them, so that they can handle strenuous use and obtain utmost performance.
  • Competitors in the highest tiers of motorsports, such as SUPER GT, WRC, and some European events, invariably have top-tier bedding.
  • Before installing semimetallic brake pads, it is essential to complete a correct beddingin process so that the correct temperature operation is maintained and the longevity of the pads and rotors is optimized.

How to Bed

  • When using a course that has a new product installed, it is critical to steadily increase the rotor temperature to the range of 400500° C, taking care to steer clear of hard braking. After the atari has been installed, allow the temperature to drop to 100° C or lower; this will signify that the sequence is finished.

E-Slit Rotors

The ESlit rotor integrates a lengthy curved slit alongside four smaller ESlits to more proficiently remove the brake pad. The curved nature of the slit, in combination with the amplified friction from the ESlits, keeps the brake pad up to par. Built from a particular carbon composite, this rotor was formulated employing Endless fresh innovation to raise mulevels of firmness, ward off heat cracks, and activate the utmost potential of the brake pad. The slits are intended to ensure the most precise pad thinning.

Cost Effective, and More On So Many Levels

  • There‘s lots of drivers and racing organizations that go with Endless steel discs due to their costeffectiveness and the broad range of capabilities they deliver. On top of that, Endless steel discs are preferred for their feel as well as features.

Special Heat Treatment Process

  • If used intensively and for an extended period of time, the rotor may suffer from heatinduced wear, such as producing minute fissures (heat cracks). In order to protect against this, parts of the rotor are put through a special heattreating process. This strengthens the components and diminishes the chance of heat cracks developing under arduous use. By virtue of heat treatment, the rotor can have a longer life, allowing the user to utilize it over a prolonged period without having to fear heat cracks.

Blue Rotor Hat Finish

  • A protective layer of blue paint has been added to the bell cap in order to guard against corrosion, as well as creating an aesthetically pleasing appearance.


  • 2001-2010 Lexus SC430 – UZZ40

Rotor Specifications

  • Material : Steel with Special Carbon
  • 1-Piece Design
  • Slit Shape : E-Slit
  • Special Heat Treatment

Kit Specifications

  • Weight : 4577g
  • Size : 158mm x 99.6mm x 336mm
  • Compatible Rotor Diameter : φ370mm – φ400mm
  • Std Color of kit : Blue Anodize
  • Std Compound for Kit : SSM / TR / MX72 / MX72PLUS
  • Corresponding Wheel Size : 18″

Kit Contents

  • Endless Racing Calipers (2)
  • Brake Pad Set (1)
  • Caliper Mounting Brackets (2)
  • Large Diameter Brake Rotors (2) – 387mm x34mm 2PC
  • Stainless Brake Lines (2)


  • If the weather is not dry and clear, it may not be feasible to reach the desired level of performance of the brake pads while you are bedding them in. Therefore, it is ideal to carry out the bedding process when the weather conditions are dry and free of precipitation.
  • The choice of wheel that is compatible with this kit is contingent upon both the brand and the specifications of the wheel.
  • E-Slit rotor is adopted as standard for this product.
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