CSF Black Charge-Air Cooler Super Manifold for A90 & A91 Toyota GR Supra



Black Charge-Air Cooler Super Manifold

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CSF Black Charge-Air Cooler Super Manifold for A90 & A91 Toyota GR Supra

CSF is excited to announce the release of its most advanced cooling system to date: the revolutionary Charge-Air Cooler Manifold designed specifically for A90/A91 Toyota Supra and BMW G-Series (B58) models.

After an extensive development process involving over 1,500 hours of design, prototyping, machining, and rigorous testing, CSF, in collaboration with VF Engineering (USA) and Custom Plenum Creations (Australia), has successfully introduced a state-of-the-art CNC machined Charge-Air Cooler Manifold. This exceptional product addresses a common vulnerability in the impressive new engine platform.

With its larger and more efficient water-to-air intercooler, minimized pressure drop throughout the system, included fuel rail, and top feed port injection kit, among other groundbreaking features, the CSF Super Manifold empowers B58 owners to unlock the full potential of their vehicles. This innovative solution pushes the boundaries of performance on this remarkable platform like never before.

The Missing Link to Maximum B58 Performance

  • The second-generation B58 engine, featured in the Mk5 Supra, has quickly established itself as a remarkable platform for performance enthusiasts. Since its release, it has made a significant impact in the performance and motorsports industry. In an impressively short span of time, enthusiasts have been able to surpass the stock engine output by more than double, with power figures now exceeding 700whp and even reaching the 800whp range. Some enthusiasts are even pushing the limits, aiming to achieve the highly sought-after milestone of 1,000whp.
  • While the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) water-cooled charge air cooler intake manifold designed for the B58 engine is sufficient for unmodified vehicles, its limitations become apparent when aftermarket upgrades are introduced. Bolt-on enhancements, turbo modifications, increased fueling through methods like port injection, and performance tuning all highlight the shortcomings of the OEM manifold. Additionally, the OEM intercooler system struggles with heat soak during demanding racing conditions, including time attack, endurance racing, drag racing, drifting, and spirited street driving. Elevated intake air temperatures (IATs) can lead to timing retardation in the engine, and if temperatures exceed a certain threshold, the vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU) may activate “limp mode” to protect the engine by reducing power output.

Design & Engineering

  • CSF and VF Engineering, our research and development partner, conducted thorough testing on the dyno to validate the significant performance enhancements before commencing production of the new manifold. In a single day, we performed over 50 dyno runs on the same vehicle, operating under relatively high ambient temperatures of approximately 90°F (32°C). The objective was to compare the performance of the CSF Charge-Air Cooler Manifold with the OEM manifold. Each manifold underwent approximately 25 consecutive dyno pulls every 30 seconds to assess performance over time, resistance to heat soak, recovery time, and the impact on the turbo system duty cycle.
  • To ensure the credibility and accuracy of the testing, we had the reputable automotive website and performance part testing specialist, MotoIQ, on-site to witness and assist in organizing the testing process. Their independent validation of the manifold’s upgraded performance and benefits was published on their website, providing detailed insights into the specific improvements achieved with the CSF B58 upgraded intake manifold.

Summary of Testing

  • Faster recovery of intake air temperatures
  • ~30°F reduction of intake air temperatures (IAT’s) compared to OEM
  • Less pressure drop compared to OEM core
  • Puts less stress on the turbo system, allowing more boost to be made at higher targets
  • Avoided going into limp mode after prolonged demanding conditions, simulating motorsports use
  • On a stage 2 car with bolt-on upgrades, making ~400whp, comparing dyno run 19 between CSF and OEM, an increase of ~26whp and 11wtq were achieved
  • The performance increase and delta between CSF and OEM will be bigger as power is increased in the vehicle
  • Interestingly, the CSF/VF manifold exhibited significantly lower inlet temperatures, measuring around 230 degrees or a remarkable 30 degrees cooler compared to the stock manifold. Similarly, the outlet temperatures showed a noticeable decrease of approximately 6 degrees, remaining below 125 degrees. These findings unveil a deeper layer of insights beyond initial observations. The reduced inlet temperatures indicate a diminished airflow restriction across the core, which is attributed to the larger frontal area of the core itself. With a freer flow of intake, the compressor of the engine’s turbo operates within a more efficient region of the compressor map, situated further away from the surge line. This heightened efficiency translates to a lesser transfer of heat from the turbo to the intake air. Furthermore, the improved compressor efficiency means that the turbine doesn’t need to extract as much power from the exhaust stream to achieve the desired boost level, resulting in decreased backpressure. Consequently, the engine experiences an overall increase in total volumetric efficiency. This interconnected cascade of effects has a profound impact, elevating power output and relieving strain on the engine and its components. It’s crucial to recognize that these advantages extend beyond the realm of lower intercooler outlet temperatures.

All the Features You Need to Push the Limits

  • During the final phase of developing CSF’s new manifold, Ravi Dolwani, the owner of CSF, embarked on a trip to Texas to participate in the prestigious TX2K drag race invitational. As part of this event, an exclusive class was dedicated to the A90 Supra. Ravi seized this opportunity to actively engage with Supra owners and gather valuable feedback regarding their expectations for an upgraded performance manifold. Upon his return to CSF, Ravi collaborated closely with VF Engineering, a trusted design partner and esteemed CSF customer, to integrate a range of features that would elevate the performance advantages and capabilities of the new CSF manifold to an even greater level, setting a new industry standard in the process.

Individual Nitrous / Methanol Injector Ports

  • The outlet tank of the CSF manifold incorporates a 1/8th NPT port on each cylinder runner, providing enthusiasts of the B58 engine with the option for nitrous or methanol injection to enhance power output. This modification has gained popularity among enthusiasts seeking increased performance. The CSF manifold ensures precise spray control and uniform distribution throughout the engine for optimal results. Notably, esteemed industry leader Nitrous Express will soon introduce a nitrous system specifically designed to complement the CSF manifold.
  • During the TX2K event, a few vehicles encountered engine failures due to incorrect setup of their nitrous systems. Typically, the OEM plastic manifold supports a single spray system, but achieving proper installation in plastic can be challenging. This often leads to uneven distribution of spray among the cylinders, resulting in some cylinders receiving an excessive amount while others receive too little. Such imbalances significantly heighten the risk of severe engine damage.

Top Feed Port Injection with Included Fuel Rail

  • The CSF manifold comes with an extruded fuel rail that can be conveniently attached to the outlet side of the manifold. The AN-8 fuel rail is equipped with feed and return -8 internal hex plug fittings from Radium Engineering, ensuring a hassle-free plug and play installation experience.
  • Fuel rail aperture for each cylinder is an optimized 7mm opening for compatibility with most commonly used high performance injectors.
  • CSF recommends using Injector Dynamics (ID) injectors for the best performance.
  • Anodized CNC machined injector hats (qty 6) are included in the supplied hardware kit to accommodate short height injectors aka “shorties”.

Vacuum and Parameter Pad

  • Within the manifold inlet, CSF has ingeniously integrated a 3 port pad into the machining of the tank. This thoughtful addition offers versatility, allowing for the measurement of additional parameters or the provision of an extra vacuum source. Should these ports remain unused, the included hardware kit conveniently provides plugs to seal them off.

Easy Access to Spin-Off Oil Filter With Counter Balanced Design

  • Imagine the hassle of having to remove the manifold every time you require an oil change, particularly if your vehicle is regularly used in motorsports where frequent oil changes are necessary. CSF, recognizing the needs of its customers, thoughtfully incorporated a recessed design at the rear of the manifold, providing convenient access to the spin-off oil filter. Additionally, to optimize cooling efficiency, a counterbalanced design protrusion was carefully simulated in SolidWorks CFD software, ensuring the smooth delivery of airflow into the core’s rear, thereby maximizing its cooling capabilities.

Air Inlet Divider

  • The CSF manifold introduces another remarkable feature: an air divider that is seamlessly welded into the inlet side tank. During the manifold’s design process, VF Engineering’s engineers meticulously considered its length to ensure balanced airflow distribution. Specifically, they aimed to achieve equal volume and velocity of air to cylinders four, five, and six, as that of cylinders one, two, and three, located in the front half of the manifold. Thorough simulations utilizing SolidWorks CFD software were conducted to verify this objective. As a result, an air divider was strategically integrated into the design, guaranteeing optimal and uniform cooling performance for each cylinder of the engine.

Breather Ports for Inlet / Outlet of Water Tanks

  • Atop the back water plate, you’ll find two convenient 1/8th NPT ports. These ports serve a variety of functions, such as measuring water temperatures at the inlet and outlet, as well as serving as breather ports during the bleeding process to ensure the thorough removal of air from the water system. The hardware kit provided includes 1/8th NPT plugs specifically designed for these ports. It is crucial to adhere to the OEM BMW or Toyota bleeding procedure, which typically takes approximately 15 minutes to complete, to ensure optimal performance.

Hardware Kit

  • The comprehensive hardware kit provided includes a range of essential components such as brackets, bolts, washers, and mounting posts, meticulously designed for the installation of both OEM and OEM-style engine covers. This exclusive feature, a result of the collaborative efforts between CSF and VF Engineering, presented significant challenges in terms of engineering and manufacturing. To ensure utmost convenience, each item in the kit is individually vacuum packaged and labeled with corresponding letters that align with the user-friendly Bill-of-Materials List (BOM). Additionally, the kit comprises exploded diagrams and a straightforward installation procedure, enabling racers and DIY enthusiasts to effortlessly follow the step-by-step instructions for a seamless installation process.


  • Utilizes a High Performance, Motorsports-Grade Bar/Plate Air-to-Water Intercooler Core
    • Double the Capacity of the OEM Core (12 Rows of Water Cooling vs. OEM 6 Rows)
  • Significantly Lower Pressure Drop Across the Core Compared to OEM
  • Designed in SolidWorks Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
    • Integrated Air Divider in Inlet Tank Evenly Distributes Airflow Throughout the Core
  • Easy Access to Spin-Off Oil Filter for Quick Oil Changes – No Need to Uninstall Manifold Every Oil Change
    • Counter Balanced Design for Optimized Airflow
  • Integrated Sensor Pad with Three 1/8″ NPT Ports to Measure Additional Parameters
  • Included Optional Fuel Rail for Top Feed Port Injection
    • Individual Port Injection Bungs on Each Cylinder Runner (Comes Pre-Plugged)
  • Individual 1/8″ NPT Ports on the Top of Each Cylinder Runner for Nitrous or Meth Injection
    • Allows for Even Spray Distribution and Control for Maximum Performance and Engine Protection
  • Individual 1/8″ NPT Breather Ports for Both Inlet/Outlet Water Connections on Back of Manifold for Easy Air-Bleeding of the System
  • Plug-and-Play design, Requiring No Modifications to Install
    • Includes Hardware and Installation Kit with Picture Diagrams Containing 28 Different Parts for Easy Installation
    • Can be Used With OEM or Aftermarket Engine Covers (with OEM Connections)
  • Comes Finished in a Black Thermal Rejection Finish – Made by World-Leading Automotive Machinist Custom Plenum Creations in Australia


  • BMW 2 Series
    • 2022+ BMW M240iX – G42
  • BMW 3 Series
    • 2019+ BMW M340i – G20
    • 2019+ BMW M340iX – G20 | G21
  • BMW 4 Series
    • 2020+ BMW 440i – G22 | G23 | G26
  • BMW 5 Series
    • 2017-2023 BMW 540i – G30 (*)
    • 2017-2023 BMW 540iX – G30 (*) | G31
    • (*) = B85C (2nd gen) motor only.
  • BMW 6 Series
    • 2017-2023 BMW 630iX – G32
    • 2017-2023 BMW 640i – G32
    • 2017-2023 BMW 640iX – G32
  • BMW 7 Series
    • 2016-2022 BMW 740i – G11 | G12
    • 2016-2022 BMW 740iX – G12
    • 2016-2022 BMW 740Li – G12
    • 2016-2022 BMW 740LiX – G12
    • 2019-2022 BMW 745e – G11
    • 2019-2022 BMW 745eX – G12
    • 2019-2022 BMW 745Le – G12
    • 2019-2022 BMW 745LeX – G12
  • BMW 8 Series
    • 2019+ BMW 840i – G14 | G15 | G16
    • 2019+ BMW 840iX – G14 | G15 | G16
  • BMW X Series
    • 2020+ BMW X3 M40iX – G01 (*)
    • 2020+ BMW X4 M40iX – G02 (*)
    • 2019+ BMW X5 45i – G05
    • 2019+ BMW X5 45iX – G05
    • 2019-2022 BMW X5 45eX – G05
    • 2020+ BMW X6 40i – G06
    • 2020+ BMW X6 40iX – G06 | G07
    • (*) = B85C (2nd gen) motor only.
  • BMW Z Series
    • 2019+ BMW Z4 M40i – G29
  • 2020+ Toyota GR Supra – A90 | A91


  • This product is intended for off-highway and motorsports use only.
  • Due to the technical and intricate nature of manufacturing this product, it is anticipated that there may be refinements and modifications made to the manifold, hardware, and instructions between production runs.
  • TÜV application in process – approval pending.
  • During the Quality Control and Inspection process, CSF conducts pressure tests on each #8200 / #8200C manifold at 60-70 PSI for a duration of 2-3 minutes. It is important to note that the CSF manifold is not intended for operation above 60 PSI. Users who decide to operate their vehicle with the CSF manifold exceeding 60 PSI do so at their own risk. Please be aware that operating the manifold at these pressure levels will nullify the CSF Limited Lifetime Warranty.

About CSF

Back in 1947, a father and his three sons embarked on a business venture by setting up a small retail shop dealing in automotive parts. The family business blossomed over the years, evolving into an automotive garage specializing in radiator repair, and later, a radiator manufacturing facility. By 1975, the family-owned brand CSF was established, marking a milestone as the first to introduce import applications into the American automotive aftermarket, in line with the influx of Honda, Datsun, and Toyota vehicles. By 2009, the fourth generation of the CSF family joined the business, which had by then become a leading name in the import and domestic radiator and condenser markets, selling over 650,000 units that year despite an economic recession, and totaling over 35 million units to date. CSF’s portfolio expanded to include a diverse range of cooling systems, including commercial trucks, industrial and agricultural applications, marine coolers, intercoolers, pressure caps, and a pioneering Racing & High Performance Division. Today, CSF’s Racing & High Performance Division is renowned for designing and manufacturing advanced, efficient, and reliable cooling systems for a wide array of applications, from high performance all-aluminum direct-fit radiators to custom systems for racecars, power sports, off-road, marine, and industrial use. With over 50 years of experience and more than 40 million cooling systems sold worldwide, CSF has rightfully earned the industry title of “THE COOLING EXPERTS.”


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