Chargespeed Sequential LED Turn Signals/DRLs for 2018-20 Subaru WRX [VAB/D]


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2018-20 Subaru WRX [VAB/D]


Chargespeed PN#  BCSI18-CS9736LTS

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Charge Speed 2018-2020 Subaru WRX STi VA-D only Sequential Liner – Front Turn Signal Lights with OEM Subaru Plastic Black Bezel (Pair), OEM Wiring Hardness & OEM Switch

NOTE: Not street legal in many States as it has the flashing feature. Please check with your local enforcement first before you purchase this item. This item also can be configured not to flash. Check local laws.

Day/ Night time:
It is Sequential LED rear indicator lamp to achieve high visibility for turn signal as it run from left to right.
Strongly appeal the presence in the following vehicles with LED light at the time of bad weather!

Comes with bracket & wiring for easy install.
Professional Install required!

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· Although the inner surface of the lens may be clogged temporarily, condensation may occur on the inner surface of the lens due to the temperature difference between the inside of the lamp and the outside air .
This is the same phenomenon as the window glass fogs in rainy weather, etc. It is not a functional problem.