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BBI Inconel Exhaust Manifolds for the Porsche 911 997.2

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Utilizing exotic materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, the latest BBi Porsche 997.2 Turbo exhaust manifold is made from Inconel 625 using an investment casting process and features optimized equal exhaust runner lengths and true spiked merge collectors. This zero-compromise exhaust system utilizes the highest level of engineering and quality of materials typically reserved for top tier level motorsports. Design & Performance Gains The factory headers on the 997.2 Turbo suffers from a bottleneck in the system that we have completely eliminated with our Inconel exhaust manifolds. To improve upon the factory headers, we applied proven fundamental theories, 3D Modeling and Computational Fluid Dynamics software to design our merge collectors. This scientific approach has enabled us to engineer optimum tube lengths and tube volume. The true spiked merge collector design combines high flow and high velocity that raises the engine’s torque curve while the equal length runners provide evenly-spaced exhaust pulses to the turbine. The thick Inconel material also provides excellent heat retention characteristics, allowing more exhaust energy to be directed to the turbo. As a result, performance gains will be seen everywhere throughout the power curve and turbo lag will be substantially reduced while transient response is greatly improved. This equals quicker boost response and more torque from lower revs. In the mid-range and top end, you can expect big horsepower gains thanks to a more efficient system and less boost taper. Inconel 625 Super Alloy vs Stainless Steel Where cost is no object, BBi chose Inconel 625 nickel-based super alloy as a material of choice rather than stainless steel for its extraordinary properties. It’s superior thermal fatigue strength, anti-corrosion and heat resistance properties makes it the most desirable material for extreme applications such as gas turbine blades and nuclear reactor components. For high performance turbo applications, exhaust gas temperatures (EGT) can exceed 1400° F, which is beyond the service temperatures of many grades of stainless steel. This leaves Inconel 625 as the ideal choice of material and its benefits fully justify the higher costs. Inconel retains 75% of its room temperature strength at 1200f, and be able to withstand temperatures in excess of 1,800 degrees while also offering half the coefficient of thermal expansion compared to stainless steel. Unlike stainless steel, it will be able withstand extreme temperature changes without expanding, contracting, creeping, or cracking. For these reasons, Inconel is the best suited material for exhaust systems while traditional stainless headers using thin walled tubing welded together are prone to failure. Investment vs Sand Casting To produce our complex design, advanced manufacturing techniques are required. BBi opted to use the investment casting process to manufacture the BBI Inconel Exhaust Manifolds instead of the sand casting process. In comparison to sand casting, investment casting is a much more expensive and slower manufacturing process that is only used for low-volume production where higher tolerances and intricate designs are required. Moreover, investment casting provides reliable process controls and repeatability that are maintained from casting to casting to ensure total quality control. As a result, investment casting provides the design freedom to cast complex shapes for optimum flow and achieve the smoothest runners. These manifolds are a great bolt-on addition to any build, whether you’re keeping your stock turbos or building an engine producing quadruple digit HP figures. This is the last manifold you will ever need, period. Confident that they are immensely strong and resilient, BBI offers a lifetime warranty on the manifolds to the original purchaser against defects or failure. Key Features: Increases horsepower and torque output throughout the power curve Approximately 14 horsepower peak gains Improves transient response and reduce turbo lag 3D spiked merge collectors Optimized equal exhaust runner lengths Inconel 625 alloy Manufactured using investment casting process Exceptional strength, corrosion and heat resistance properties Available in both OEM 3 bolt and V-Band configuration Designed with 3D Modeling & Computational Fluid Dynamics software Made in USA Lifetime Warranty

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