Aragosta Suspension Kit – Type-SS 2-Way Coilovers with Pillowball Upper Mounts for 2004-10 BMW M5 [E60]


E60 BMW M5 Aragosta Suspension Kit – Type-SS Coilovers with Pillowball Upper Mounts

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This is a set of Type-SS Coilovers with Pillowball Upper Mounts for the E60 BMW M5 from high-end suspension specialist, Aragosta.


Aragosta’s Type-SS series comprises their flagship collection of coilovers. The Type-SS coilovers are designed as a track-focused suspension, and subsequently are available with a range of customizable spring rate choices.

The Type-SS includes many high tech features, including low-friction, WPC-treated inverted struts, height-adjustable Rana springs, Kashima-coated forged aluminum cylinders, specially formulated synthetic damper fluid and Aragosta’s unique low friction seals. Additionally, the Type-SS features remote reservoirs to mitigate damper oil heat soak, as well as 12-step compression and rebound adjustment knobs on each damper, as well as fixed camber pillowball upper mounts.


(Kashima Coat is a special, ultra-low friction anodizing process that infuses molybdenum alloy, providing better corrosion resistance and a smoother surface than standard anodized aluminum. Kashima Coat is especially effective for damper cartridges, as tiny oil molecules can stick to the surface causing it to become even slicker, thus allowing for even smoother operation. Dampers utilizing Kashima Coat are revered for their smoother feel and response over rough and bumpy surfaces both on and off the track.)


Spring and Height Adjustment Specs:

Front Spring Rate = 12kg/mm main spring with 1kg/mm tender spring; Front initial drop of -30mm and an adjustment range of +30mm〜-10mm


Rear Spring Rate = 8kg/mm; Rear initial drop of -25mm and an adjustment range of +15mm〜-30mm