Aragosta Suspension Kit – S Type with Rubber Upper Mounts


Scion ZN6 FR-S Suspension Kit – S Type with Rubber Upper Mounts

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The Aragosta company was founded thirty years ago in the Netherlands then taken over by the Belgian company, Suspension Technics, and continues to produce shock absorbers at the highest levle. These products have an awesome reputation worldwide and are famous in Japan through Paris-Dakar Rally events and Touring car racing.. They are also recommended as performance upgrades for Rx7 by Knight Sports and GT-R by Midori. Reputable companies in their own right.


This is a set of Type-S Coilovers with Rubber Upper Mounts from high end suspension specialist, Aragosta. Aragosta’s Kashima coated shell case design coupled with their in-house built Rana Springs have resulted with a high performance coilover kit able to withstand hours of hard driving on the track and still deliver a smooth comfortable ride on the way home.


The standard model specs are far from an OEM standard. They include:

  Rubber type upper mounts to allow for geometry changes,
  Forged aluminum cylinder construction for absolute strength,
  High intensity chrome plating +WPC processed cartridge cylinder,
  Rust-proofed outer casing and quality paint,
  Total length threaded bottom case is adjustable for height,
  Total length threaded cylinder bracket for spring adjustment, and
  12 step damping adjustment function.


These coil-overs can be fitted in a few hours (of course this may differ by vehicle) by the home mechanic. However, with changes in suspension, alignment should be performed by a suspension or tire workshop in your local area.