Alpha Performance Tillett Seat/Bracket for 2009-19 Nissan GT-R [R35] SKU4485


2009-19 Nissan GT-R [R35]

AMS Performance bucket seat for the Nissan GTR R35

AMS Part Number: SKU4485

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Alpha Performance Tillett Seat/Bracket for 2009-19 Nissan GT-R [R35] SKU4485


  • Strong carbon fiber Tillett B1 Racing Seat with Dinamica Suede cushions
  • Custom-embroidered Alpha insignia on headrest cushion
  • Provisions for both three-point stock safety belt and full racing harness
  • Sturdy steel seat brackets with durable black powder-coat finish
  • Bracket frames reinforced with sidewall gussets for additional strength
  • Rail system with lever-actuated seat adjustment by Sparco
  • Up to 41lbs Weight Reduction Per Side!

For those of you looking for a great way to shed weight from your Nissan GT-R, consider installing the Alpha Nissan GT-R Tillettt Seat/Bracket Combo. AMS has paired the Tillett B1 carbon fiber racing seat with their own Alpha Nissan GT-R Racing Seat Bracket to create a super strong, light-weight seat package that will shed up to 41lbs per side!

The Alpha carbon fiber Tillett B1 racing seat weighs in at only 6lbs yet provides exceptionally strong support – enough to handle the most demanding track day or drag race situations. The seat is designed to accept a full racing seat harness while the racing seat bracket offers a mounting point for the stock three-point safety belt buckle. This way, you have every option on how you would like to configure your safety restraints.

Each seat is contoured for comfort and fully optioned to include a Dinamica suede seat, back and headrest cushion for additional relief throughout long race sessions. The finishing touch on the seat incorporates a custom-embroidered Alpha insignia on the headrest.

In addition, this package includes the Alpha Nissan GT-R Racing Seat Bracket – the perfect foundation for the Tillett because it was designed with it specifically in mind. Unlike similar products on the market, this steel racing seat bracket is fully reinforced with sidewall gussets for added rigidity and black powder-coat finished for protection against corrosion. It also comes equipped with a Sparco sliding rail system for quick seat adjustment with the pull of a lever.

The Alpha Nissan GT-R Tillett Seat/Bracket Combo was designed to provide functionality and weight-savings without compromise to safety or quality. This setup allows you to save 82lbs by replacing both stock seats and 106lbs by replacing the driver’s seat and the removal of the passenger seat. Sold individually.