Alpha Fuel System for 2009-19 Nissan GT-R [R35]


2009-19 Nissan GT-R [R35]

Fuel support for up to 1,300 HP!

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The AMS Nissan GT-R Alpha Fuel System is a no compromise solution for GT-R owners in need of fuel delivery to support up to 1300hp.

Bigger Capabilities With Less Hassle

Most aftermarket fuel systems for the GT-R require extensive, permanent modifications to the factory sending units or bulky, potentially unsafe, fuel components in the trunk of the vehicle. The AMS solution prevents all of this by neatly housing all of the fuel system upgrades inside the factory fuel tank! Substantial Fuel Delivery Increase Without Compromise The Alpha Fuel System retains the fuel siphoning system, and enhances the “surge tank” system which is designed to help prevent fuel starvation problems during hard cornering and acceleration.

To keep these key attributes AMS designed the system with two reliable Bosch high pressure/volume pumps, bypass valve and filter integrated onto the existing factory surge tank for a comprehensive in-tank fuel solution. All of the components are compatible with ethanol (E85), pump and race fuels of all types. The AMS Alpha Fuel System is the most complete, best performing OEM integrated solution on the market.


* Entire system neatly contained inside the fuel tank

* Utilizes the factory “surge tank” to prevent fuel starvation

* All components are compatible with ethanol (E85),pump and race fuel Includes

* 2 Bosch high volume fuel pumps

* Fuelab billet aluminum fuel filter

* Fuelab billet aluminum fuel bypass valve

* AMS billet aluminum distribution block

* Pre-pump fuel socks

* Laser cut, precision formed stainless steel mounting plate

* OEM style quick connectors

* All necessary lines and hardware

* Detailed installation guide