PPG 1st to 4th Straight Cut Syncro Gearset for 2007-14 Subaru WRX [GRB/GVB]


2007-14 Subaru WRX [GRB/GVB]

1st to 4th Straight Cut Syncro Gearset for the 5 Speed Subaru WRX Only

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This set of gears replaces the stock 1st to 4th gear and keeps the 5th factory gear. This set increases the power transfer from 1-4 while delivering the ease of factory car drivability, combined with the whine of straight cut gears and low drivetrain power loss. For more information regarding fitment, price conversions, as well as shipping costs, please contact us at Bulletproof Automtive. Meant for 5 speed WRXs only.