Michael’s Varis Kamikaze-R US Demo Car

Michael's Varis Kamikaze-R US Demo Car

  • Varis ’14 Version Front Bumper with Carbon Lip & Diffuser
  • Varis ’13 Version Carbon Front Grill Cover
  • Varis ’14 Version Carbon Single Canard
  • Varis ’13 Version Front Wide Fenders
  • Varis ’13 Version Side Skirts with Carbon Underboards
  • Varis Side Skirts Brake Ducts
  • Varis Rear Bumper with Carbon Fiber Accents
  • Varis Rear Over Fenders
  • Varis Rear Under Skirt with Carbon AccentsVaris Version Carbon Side Air Shroud
  • Varis Euro GT-Wing
  • Varis Cooling Bonnet, VSDC
  • Varis Light Weight Trunk, Carbon
  • Overtake Dry Carbon Roof Replacement
  • Top Secret Rear Caution LED
  • Overtake x Powerhouse Amuse R35 GT-R STTI 100-V Saiko Titanium Exhaust System
  • SPI E1KX tuned for E85 Package
  • SPI E1K-X Turbochargers
  • SPI E1K-X Cast Stainless Manifolds
  • SPI E1K-X Turbo Oil Lines
  • SPI E1K-X Coolant Lines
  • SPI E1K-X Turbo/Downpipe Heat Shielding
  • SPI E1K-X High Pressure Wastegates
  • SPI E1K-X Downpipes
  • SPI Intake Manifold w/ 3rd Injection Fuel Rail
  • SPI High-Flow Intake Assembly featuring Billet MAF, Filters, and Intake Sensors
  • SPI “Monster” Intercooler Cores
  • SPI E1K-X High-Flow Fuel Injector Kit
  • SPI E1K-X Fuel System
  • SPI E1K-X Boost Control Solenoid
  • SPI E1K-X Cooling System Package
  • SPI E1K-X Stage 4 Transmission featuring ProMax Clutch
  • SPI E1K-X Stage 2 VR38DETT Engine
  • SPI R35 GT-R Upgraded Axles (DSS w/Hub Broaching)
  • T1R R35 GT-R Transmission Braces
  • Syvecs S8 ECU
Suspension / Brakes
  • KW Variant 3 with Front Lift Kit
  • Overtake Carbon SL Brake System
Wheels & Tires
  • Volk Racing TE37 ULTRA’s 20×11+0 Front in Bulletproof Exclusive NISMO Red
  • Volk Racing TE37 ULTRA’s 20×12+15 Rear in Bulletproof Exclusive NISMO Red
  • Toyo R888 Tire Size: 285/35ZR20, 315/30ZR20
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