Customer Shout Outs

Robert W. from Dallas, TX

“I would highly recommend purchasing from Bullettproof/GT-RR and especially purchasing from Mark B in their GT-R group!”


Mitch L. from Richmond, BC

“I picked up the canards today and i couldnt be happier with the quality of them and the speedy shipping. This was a great buying experience and i will be sure to purchase from you in the future.”


William L. from Torrance, CA

“I’ve been a long time customer of Ben (the owner) ever since 2006 when i got my Honda S2000 and i met him and his talented staff. Generally I’ve made smaller purchases such as Hyper Rev Magazines and they’ve treated me with great respect and professionalism. I’ve often refereed friends there and they’ve been treated wonderfully and have gotten some really trick items, like one off set of Limited/ Top Secret branded Volk wheels, Top Secret parts, and J’s parts and Aero.

Bespoke/ bulletproof isn’t your run of the mill drive-by-night performance shop they’ve got a real depth of product available and they can give you premium service. They can sell you an accessory or part but if you chose the service doesn’t stop there, as they can help you get your dream car made with their network of partners via Bespoke motoring, meaning they can do a purchase of say a new GT-R and then get it built to how you like it, want a 1000hp Tuned Varis X Topsecret kit bash show car with Magical paint, done, they can do the whole project for you and you just need to pay them and pick up the car.  Or if you’re just a regular Joe they’ll happily point you the right way as they’ve been in the import industry for many years.

Anytime anyone needs a rare JDM product i generally refer them to Bulletproof, they might not be the cheapest route often but they can get it NOW, FAST, and they will only sell you high quality items. Basically anything in a current Option magazine or Hyper REV they can get.

Anyway I want to thank Ben the owner and his staff for all the great experiences over the years and for being such big supporters of the S2000 community.

The bulletproof website has been revamped and done in a modern wordpress looking theme and looks 100% better! It has modern image sizes, a moving marque, and tabs for easy navigation. I’m very impressed!”


Freddie G. from Burlingame, CA

“Bullet Proof Automotive is a great company for the car scene. They can get basically anything from all the major tuner companies in Japan. I have bought a good amount of stuff for my cars.”


Kwan J. from Phoenix, AZ

“Great service and awesome attention to detail from Ben. I’ve been a car guy for 20 years all I have is praise for this company and their staff !! Thank you!”


Gene S. from Monee, IL

“Good group of guys to work with. Bulletproof is the place to go for authentic parts for your car. They don’t deal with knock-off garbage. Always straight with you on pricing and upfront on shipping times. They are exclusive importers of all the top Japanese tuning and part manufacturing companies. The sales staff is knowledgeable and always willing to answer questions. I’ve been a longtime customer and will continue to be in the future.”


Quincy Y. from Fraser Lake, Canada

“I were able to get parts that nobody else could get. And I can express their customer service is second to none. And I love how all their price include shipping to California, taxes and duties so there isn’t any hidden fees. I recommend them to all my friends. I look forward working with them in the future to build my dream car!!!”


Atish P. from Torrance, CA

“I HAVE A VERY UNIQUE CAR. Some of the parts i can find locally, but most of them have to be imported and are very hard to get. I absolutely needed new suspension for my car and there was now way i was going to find it here in the states. These guys have a great work ethic, know their cars, take care of the customer and do a great job all around. As soon as i know the direction i am going with my car i will be coming back here with a nice parts list for them to hunt down. Thanks again guys!”



Happy Customers

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