Esprit Arrives to USA – Pics

I’m very happy to have received our first order from Esprit! Finally these super high end time attack parts have hit US shores. This is the largest Esprit shipment to ever hit the USA, and just as expected the parts are top notch! The dry carbon mid height GT wing is flawless! The intercooler kit is excellent quality! The turbo outlet pipes are excellent! The dry carbon intercooler duct is a work of art! Everything ended up being just as great as we expected and worth the wait to have these bad boys built just for us!

Esprit has been one of the leaders in time attack, race and street cars in Japan for decades now. I’m really happy to get these beautiful parts introduced more officially in the US.

Have a look at the latest in hardcore high quality JDM tuning for the GT-R! (and check out the Murakami print in the background)

For any interest in Esprit please feel free to give us a call 213 745 6954, we have a limited amount available and in stock right now!

Esprit R35 GT-R Shipment Arrives

Esprit R35 GT-R Shipment ArrivesEsprit R35 GT-R Shipment ArrivesEsprit Arrives to USA - PicsEsprit Arrives to USA - Pics

Esprit Arrives to USA - Pics

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