1972 Nissan Skyline GT-R Coupe (Authentic)

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1972 Nissan Skyline GT-R Coupe (Authentic) for Sale



This vintage GT-R is the most exclusive vehicle in our special collection of cars. It is not only a very rare KPGC10, it is one of the finest examples in the world and true concourse grade quality. This car is an irreplaceable piece of Japanese history and Skyline history. It remains the key car in our collection for the long term preservation of Skyline GT-R culture. For purposes of sharing the car’s beauty we are displaying it here. We are happy to entertain offers however we are not actively looking to sell the car. We are happy to also find any client a similar car in whatever specification they wish.


This particular vehicle took us multiple years to find in Japan and remains perhaps the finest example of a perfect Skyline H/T 2000GT-R Coupe in the world (with the legendary S20 engine). In the process of searching for this perfect KPGC10 we passed on other world renown Skyline GT-Rs, one of which has gone on to set auction records. This particular car exceeds the condition we have seen on the market in recent years and is truly a museum quality car that is rivalled only by Nissan’s own Zama museum collection KPGC10.


The car was a 2 owner car in Japan and underwent a full restoration in Japan approximately 7 years ago. During the restoration no replica parts were used. Every part down to the smallest details were painstakingly sourced with vintage new condition Nissan parts.


As a result the car not only looks brand new, when you investigate more closely it manages to be new yet authentic which is a very hard combination to reach. Authentic parts are extremely difficult to source for the KPGC10 GT-R because so many of the parts have been discontinued. A look into the interior of this car says everything that needs to be said about the rarity and condition of the parts on this car.


Much like Nissan’s own Zama museum Hakosuka, this car as well is a factory wingless GT-R and carries with it many of the rare factory details that are hard to come by since so many of the cars were modified or changed over the years by future owners. The only modifications that we see on this car are the front fenders which are factory metal fenders that have been expertly flared to accommodate the wider 15” Watanabe period correct sports wheels.


The pristine engine bay showcases the most legendary Japanese motor of all time, the racing derived S20 engine found exclusively in the original Skyline GT-Rs (and briefly in the 432 special edition Z) of the same vintage. The S20 engine finds its origins from Prince motor company in the R380 race car and has a heritage as legendary as the GT-R name itself.


Authenticity oozes from this example, rare items like the authentic GT-R steering wheel and bucket seats are nearly impossible to find at any price yet are in mint condition on this car.


*** We import a variety of rare cars from around the world. Should you want a different car please do not hesitate to ask us.